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  1. Cheers, Ive looked up those rifles, but seeing as this thing is tm compatible I think ill go for a "sniperized RPK" - im assuming its built on the RPK receiver and the furniture is obviously fictional but I do like it, its just missing a drum mag. Its an AEG, but the maker's claiming over 450 fps....?
  2. You cant buy the stock separately; Ive scoured the net and the only ak12 gun/kit/parts ive seen is this blackviper. Im sure theyll be a realsword or TM '12 out before you can blink, but right now this seems to be it. The stock is so close to a scar though, and Ive seen a nice stock called slr300 (i believe) by dboys; its full metal rather than polymer but its got that tactical look, its cheap, and I think the form will suit an ak down to a tee, without trying to be an M4 (i just hate an M4 sliding stock on an AK). Ironically, its for the M4, but it could have come from a Soviet designers b
  3. Cheers mate; it really looks quality, and because they messed up a hi capa order theyre letting it go for 70kwid. I brought a jg m4 years ago and the quality was adequate, though its still going strong stock...since then it seems theyve improved the quality of their products a hella lot since then-i mean this thing is eye candy. Is it an SVD or a marksmans AK btw?
  4. Im actually thinking of getting the '12, just for novelties sake as ive had an unexpected winfall...Clearly its not gonna be ptw grade, but is the plastic decent quLity ie not brittle abs thats lite asa feather? Well, I can fford this, the bison svd, and ive haggled a trader down to 80 kwid for a jg a47 (advertised as SVD, but clearly a marksman variant ak47( the tanker stocks, selector, and furniture are pure ak)...which of these three wd be best?
  5. Yeah, I thought it'd be blackviper; I was put off by the clear body and that ive never heard of them-they have a good range too. How much does it weigh?
  6. The only ak12 ive seen has been by "Blackviper" 0robably a simple rebrand job. ^I didnt know they had the "family" '12 rifles, but if they did get the contract i guess it wd be inevitable. For me its the '74, and my project atm is filling a major gap in the family: a carbine. Theres the smg size aks74u, then the rifle but no m4 style carbine. It basically ammounts to fitting a longer barrel and gas tube and the 74 flashider. Ive seen some stainless modular barrel sets, I think 14 inch or so should do it. Love the aks74u but imho without a nice bit of barrel and gas tube it just isnt q
  7. Ive not seen one, buta replacement grip with motor ive seen for v cheap; under £10. Or you could get a kwc one not cheap but a replica of the original RS grip. Im because my vz61 was dead out the box even the people att the gun shop couldnt fix it, and ive already brought a czech shoulder holster, 2 mag pouches, metal muzzle and upper. . I cant get it shooting, caveat empor, eh?
  8. The beauty; the beauty.... Very nice subtle weathering work there btw- painted or just steel wool? My dboys had a poor finish so I had to strip and reblue major parts to get a finish like that. Just a suggestion,but maybe a chromed or stripped bolt carrier would really make that pop..not sure if its "kosher" for the modern variant though.
  9. Photos of guns gear and peoples
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