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  1. Recently just got the UAC nozzle flute and cnc hop unit, can say the airseal is much much better! Buuuut the downside is the dial that adjusts the hop up is extremely loose so you must put some shims before you screw the dial on Otherwise seems good. I think the only thing I havent upgraded is the Guarder frame.
  2. It's a drop in fit. Didn't have to file anything to get the nozzle working smoothly.
  3. Strange, ive used blue before. Maybe didnt use enough :C
  4. Damnit! Constaly getting the grub screw that holds the extractor on the Detonator slide rotating down and getting caught on the hammer frame -.- Suppose Ill have to red loctite it soon.
  5. You can always use plumbers epoxy putty/reinforced steel epoxy and fill the safety lever hole with it. Obviously make sure you remove the internals and mask parts you dont want to get glue/putty on )))
  6. Custom kydex with Dentonator slide. No scratches! Detonator has pretty good finish!
  7. Excelllleeennntttt. That means I will really have to go get mags fir my AK :C
  8. I installed the SAPH trigger springs and the fast response trigger spring as well. I kept the fast response trigger spring in, but took out the 150% hammer spring set. Didnt cycle properly on my end, could only shoot once and would have to re-rack. Otherwise to get it smooth, your best bet is to polish the rails in the frame, that should improve it
  9. Yep, I agree with uscmCorps as you need a 150% spring for the Detonator slide. I too put in a SAPH spring in and it seems to be doing fine, I still need to game it and see how it goes. Otherwise, all is good...just gotta fix my leaking mags :c
  10. Do it like T.Rex arms!
  11. Wish I could tell you. I just took it apart reinstalled it, seems to be fine (havent gamed it though, just racking it). Nineball piston head came, defo needs a bigger o-ring. Need to find the right size -.-
  12. Anyone have any idea where this piece came from? I sold my gun, but the person whom I sold it to said this game out of the magwell?!? Ive taken the gun apart and I do not recognize it at all...
  14. But not sure if its 150% though :c From this company http://www.saph.com.hk/ I bought the SA recoil, fast trigger spring and hammer spring. Will see how the are
  15. Yeaaa. Why cant one store have everything in stock
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