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Found 7 results

  1. Hey all! Welcome to my review of the Element Thorntail Light Mount I bought this at ACMGear and I’ve been looking out for this mount ever since I saw Element releasing the promo pics (along with the Dropwing) here on Arnies’s News Sub-Forum. This light mount cost me HKD 62. The real steel light mount was designed by Travis Haley to be more ergonomic for those who run their rifles using the thumb break position….actually, why don’t you just watch this video of Travis introducing his mounts; it’s the easiest way of understanding the design concept of the Thorntail He talks about
  2. Hey all! This is my review of the Building Fire LaRue IndexClip and HandStop combo. I got this at ACMGear for HKD 76. I got this for my M4 purely because a Magpul AFG doesn’t agree with my fingers when I do transitions from shoulder to shoulder…I always end up smashing my fingers at the very bottom bit of the AFG for some reason, and that ###### me off. Also, I find the AFG’s grip angle to be a bit too much. I like to hold the handguard or RIS nearly perpendicular with the barrel and the AFG’s angle is too steep for that. Running a vertical grip would allow me to get a better and more
  3. Hey all! This is my review of the ACM VLTOR IMOD stock. I got this stock at Shooter Gear to try and spice up my M4 RIS as I wasn’t really digging the basic stock when it’s digging into me when I shoulder the gun These stocks aren’t available anywhere anymore and only a few retails still have them in stock I believe. It was HKD 238 at Shooter Gear, and it comes in both tan and black. I got the black one only because my M4’s decked with black furniture only (well, so far..). Oh yeah, it says out of stock for both tan and black stocks on Shooter Gear but they still have some in stock.
  4. Hey all! This is my review for the Element Surefire M961 replica along with the FM23 flip cover (Infrared Filter) replica (also made by Element) I bought the M961 ages ago at Shooter Gear and the cover just recently at ACMGear; both of which are great airsoft retailers IMO I don't remember the price for the flip cover at ACMGear but the M961 (ironically, given when I bought the items...) was HKD 388. Like my other reviews, I'm going to skip the real steel details since they're posted all over the net for those who are interested For myself I'm only concerned with the fit and func
  5. Hey all! I just did my VisionKing review (it's pretty damn extensive IMHO, please read it if you are considering anything like a S&B Short Dot replica ) and while taking pics I thought I might as well review the BF LaRue SPR mount I bought from ACMGear as well. Great prices blah blah blah...those of you who've bought from ACMGear probably know about that anyway, if you haven't then I'll just give my own seal of approval to them again Anyway, let's cut the essays I write short and onto the photos! First thing though, I already mounted and screwed down my VisionKing optic, so I don't
  6. I'll be brief: got it today, test-fired it, it works. So, where do I start? First, the package is surprisingly small (at least to someone used to full-size guns) - when I picked it up at the post office, I was surprised. The gun itself is incredibly shiny - which means that if you get a CE sticker slapped on the slide and find remains of sticky tape glue on the frame and outer barrel, you'll have to clean it off. So I field-stripped the gun (flip the triggerguard down - I noticed that the front is fitted with a rubber buffer of some sort - then pull the slide back, up and forward), got r
  7. From the album: Mike West's Toybox

    ACM PPK/S, chrome version. Shiny!

    © 2012 Mike West

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