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  1. intinerious

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    GROUP PIC Tier 1 pewpews The new Airsoft Artisan DD HK416 rail's out, can finally finish my Devgru gun: I'm gonna swap the HK416 grip back onto the gun (the Magpul one's a placeholder for now). The barrel nut for the DD rail's proprietary so you'll have to purchase it (I got mine from JK Army) with either GBBR spec or AEG/EBB spec. It's proprietary because the inner cross section of the rail is the same throughout the length of the rail, but that's not the case with the real one since the inner diameter shrinks to fit the HK416 barrel nut. But, because they'll have to do more CNC work that way, I think AA decided to just run a proprietary barrel nut instead (which is actually 3 piece). I'm not too happy about that but, you can't see the barrel nut anyway so whatever. They're the only manufacturer that has released the unicorn rail so I'll have to make do. The MFR rail panels (there's 2) are also not mounted the same way the real one is mounted but again, you can't see the mounting solution so whatever. The font used on the DD rail's also wrong, but if you're not a stickler for details you won't see it (it was pointed out to me by a friend that's a designer and a massive DD fan).
  2. intinerious

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    CAG BLASTER KAC BLASTER DOG SHOOTER (WIP)* Feeling cute, might delete later (WIP)** * FBI Regional SWAT Build (TM MWS Based) Missing ODG CTR Stock, FDE PEQ, and a WML. Waiting for a friend of mine to ship me a High Ready Tool Thenar as well. Surprisingly the mk4 rail feels pretty good, better than the URGI Mk16.... **SLR Rifleworks 300BLK Build (DYTAC AEG Based) Need to file part of the receiver trigger hole away to install the Krytac Licensed CMC Trigger, and need to get one of the outer barrels I got lathe down to 4.5". Got a AAC 7.62 suppressor replica on it's way too, and oh, missing a MLOK SLR Handstop (got lost in the mail dammit). Gonna get the receiver and stock cerakoted MC Black, grip replaced with a black one, gold cerakote on the bolt plate and gold rail wedges and anti-rotational insert for the rail. Re CAG and KAC guns, I have another lower for them but they're being rebuilt right now so one of the uppers are standalone right now. I got another KAC receiver actually with a 13.5" MLOK URX4.....gotta finish that too
  3. intinerious

    MK16 URGI Rails

    I just want to add that, the ZParts rail I got doesn't fit AEG bodies. The clamp part of the rail where it recesses into the upper receiver isn't wide enough for a VFC upper. The C&C def. doesn't fit either; they copied the real URGI 1:1 as far as I can tell so they only fit GBBRs.
  4. intinerious

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    I am financially unstable.
  5. intinerious

    Is there ANY shotshow news?

    Umarex is releasing G19X and probably some other licensed Glocks this year; the hop up adjustment has been changed so that you twist the guide rod to adjust hop up. Out in Summer 2019. Umarex VFC MP7 also coming out soon, forgot when it'll be released though. 375 USD MSRP, mags are 39 USD each. Those MLOK MCXs are made by VFC, but it'll be released under Sig Sauer from now on, rather than a Cybergun/VFC release. Didn't ask re MSRP. Sig P320 pistols are also VFC. I saw ones with CO2 mags and ones with green gas mags. Asked about their plans to release an AEG Rattler but they don't have plans yet. However I them that there should be pretty high interest in the Rattler given the compactness of the rifle, plus being able to run M4 mags, and also it's been selected for evaluation by SOF.
  6. intinerious

    Glock Picture Thread

    http://boomarms.com/shop/item.cfm?id=PRIME-SL-TMG17L&curr_code=USD This what you are looking for?
  7. intinerious

    WE All new P-series GBB pistol

    Gen5 Glock will be released before the end of this year; G19X will be released later. It actually takes a lot of time to fine-tune the tooling required to make the frames, etc. before production. And then there's also time required before the products can be manufactured, packaged and shipped to your local retailers. Just because pictures/videos of a "functioning" product ("functioning" in quotations applied because they might be cherry-picking what they're showing you, a lot of issues that they might've found with the first sample will definitely not be shown to you in any of the images or videos released) was released back in July doesn't mean it'll be released within a few months from the product debut on social media. The factory will also need a minimum order quantity of 1,000 pcs or so before they can go to production; WE I'm sure will need to secure some 70-80% of that order before they will release it, otherwise it will eat into their revenue if they have to stock up on a significant amount of inventory. Plus, it's not like the Glock' gonna be easy to push to their distributors especially since Umarex has the Glock licence. I'm sure many Taiwanese people will like to have a word with you about the difference between PRC (which you seem to be implying; it's a false narrative you're pushing nonetheless) vs Taiwan, where WE and their factories are located.
  8. intinerious

    Glock Picture Thread

    The silencer's a North East Airsoft Surefire clone, they come as a mock suppressor only so there's no extended inner barrel for it. Right now I'm going to salvage a stock TM MWS barrel which will fit the threaded barrel + suppressor setup. Need to 3D print a barrel spacer for the suppressor though.
  9. intinerious

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    C&C Tac came out with the Wilcox riser in Tan (https://shop.jkarmy.com/c-c-410-riser-mount-low-profile-rail-and-front-sight-mount-set-for-airsoft-20mm-rail-tan-cag-style.html) (unfortunately no flip mount D:) so my CAG HK416 is nearly finished. The other HK416 with a black receiver was supposed to be a WIP for the pre-2016 CAG HK416s until I realised they used the gen1 version of the Geissele SMR rail without the 45 degree QD mounts, and nobody cloned that for airsoft (and its pretty much unicorn for real steel anyway) so I think I'll get the black receiver Cerakoted to the "tanodized" colour and turn it into another Tan CAG HK416. The flash hider on the black receiver HK416 is also timed incorrectly....because it's not the correct flash hider. I've got a SFCT WarComp on it right now, but sooner or later I'll be replacing it with a standard SFCT flash hider. Both 416 uppers use a HAO rail so I've got two different light/laser setups that I can swap to whenever I want....but the one with the M600C on the top 45 degree slots work better for an ambi setup with the HK416 Tan pistol grip vs the one with the dual switch and the surefire at the bottom 45 degree slot. I think I'll stick with the config in the last picture since the Sierra Precision grip on the 416 lower works with the dual switch rail setup. The KAC upper on the 416 lower's supposed to be a Jason Falla inspired SR16....unfortunately the SR16 lower and gearbox are not completed yet so it's a frankengun right now.
  10. intinerious

    Glock Picture Thread

    ......Ignore the rifle? The Glock is still a work in progress but it took me a while to go ahead with the 6 second mount project given the rear sight on the TM Glock slides aren't dove tail mounted and I am a stickler for details....so I don't want the sights on the slide if I run a 6 second mount. The slide is an expensive Guarder 2016 slide; with proper dovetail cuts for the rear sight. That means you can't see the screw for retaining the BBU to the slide. I gotta say the new Guarder slides are very nice, and the price matches the quality too; it was around the same price you would expect of a Prime or Nova slide, but it does come with a few more things like a BBU with a plastic rear plate. The frame is an HK3P one, and I didn't put the ALG Magwell onto the gun because the stock WE Glock magazine baseplates don't work with the magwell. I'm hoping getting some extended mag base plates might make it work (do not that the TTI ones won't work because of the mag base pin at the back of the mag once you use the TTI mag base). The red dot is an Ace1Arms T2 copy, which is real nice, and pretty much externally the same as a real T2 (I've got a real T2 I compared side by side with). The BBU I'm currently using is Volante's, and I'm hoping that I can run an extended inner barrel through the suppressor and the BBU would allow enough gas into the barrel to propel bbs out of the gun at around 1.3J. This Glock will be my primary for outdoor pistol-only games in Hong Kong.
  11. intinerious

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    I'll complete it when the internals are done (all gucci stuff, seigetek gears BTC MOSFET etc.). Still waiting for my tech guy to fix it up. I do wanna build another one though......this time with a Vortex Razor HDII Ask and you shall receive Here's the link to the cover (get the #1): https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1168198775/butler-creek-blizzard-see-through-rifle-scope-cover-clear Do note that the plastic cover restricts the beam since it sits about 2cm from the SF M600 lens and it's a smaller diameter vs the M600 lens itself.
  12. intinerious

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    #Riserlife CAG Inspired HK416; Parts List: VFC HK416 AEG (Tan) VFC SOPMOD Stock (Tan) HAO Geissele Automatics SMR Rail (DDC) Element LA5 (Tan) Element Surefire M600U (Tan) (since replaced with a M600 with a Butler Creek scope cover) Element Surefire SR-D-IT Dual Switch ACM G33 Magnifier (Black) VFC KAC Micro Iron Sights DYTAC Surefire SOCOM RC2 Suppressor (Tan) [i've changed this to a SOCOM RC1 since the picture] DYTAC Surefire SFCT Flash Hider (not pictured) Wilcox 0.41" Set Screw EOTECH Riser w/ Magnifier Flip Mount (Black) EOTECH XPS2 (Tan) The riser set was borrowed from a friend so.........yeah I was only able to play with it for the pictures. Hopefully someone clones the riser with Tanodization finish so I can finally complete the damn gun. Also I wanna replace the RC1 suppressor with the old school Surefire suppressor. Perr Mike make the best looking replica (the Madbull and subsequent clones of the Madbull Surefire suppressors look terrible) so if anyone is looking to sell theirs....I'm interested
  13. intinerious

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Cloth masks don't work so well in Hong Kong....due to the heat and humidity (btw I PM'd you) I've asked some buddies of mine that do manufacturing, and surprisingly they said that the LaRue riser is actually cast, not billet CNC. There are cast marks inside the skeletonized areas on the bottom of the riser. I've also asked whether a billet CNC version can be produced (as I wanted to make a batch for myself and my friends) but apparently it can't be done Since this is a pic thread I'll repost the ones that I had previously linked from photobucket:
  14. intinerious

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    That, and I don't have to crane my neck down so much, which makes it more comfortable to aim down the optic. This explains it in more detail: http://www.jasonfalla.com/2015/12/the-redback-one-shootingsystem-high.html
  15. intinerious

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Its a real one. As far as I know, there’s no replica of the LT101 riser.....which is unfortunate as the real one is damn pricey.

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