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  1. OK, so I can finally post my new JG M870 with wood furniture and extended tube.
  2. Taiwangun has a new model of JG's DSA FAL copy: long gas tube, short barrel, Keymod forend. And I can't afford it. Not to mention, Israeli FAL forends are sold out pretty much everywhere.
  3. So I managed to get my Hong Kong orders this week, including the extended tube for the shotgun and an Army extended Glock mag. The Glock mag is a wee bit too enthusiastic in its gas output, but still serviceable.
  4. I don't think you really need those things in steel, considering they're not really load-bearing parts and finding a proper 3D printer and materials should make them solid enough to work without problems.
  5. Local postal service. I am absolutely sure those *fruitcage* imbeciles either lost both of my HK orders or, upon seeing "Hong Kong" as the origin, set them on fire in order to get rid of that eeevil coronavirus. Either way, three weeks passed since both orders left Hong Kong and that's the last time anyone registered them in any tracking system. That's a lot, considering we're dealing with a tracked envelope in one case and a full box in the other one.
  6. In a mad last-minute dash, I managed to get a JG M870 shotgun with a wooden stock. Now, I'll need a magazine extension and a heatshield.
  7. Found GI Joe/The Expanse vests locally for Ł35 or thereabouts, meaning they're not just cheaper than AliExpress, they'll be shipped in two days instead of two months. Now, how do I make a compact backlight for a greenscreen?
  8. Swatti, you did see this one, I hope? https://hiconsumption.com/dx-12-punisher-double-barreled-shotgun-pistol/
  9. Good news, you can buy APC9K somewhere. On Gunfire. https://gunfire.com/en/products/apc9-k-submachine-gun-replica-1152230111.html
  10. Either way, they're made in China.
  11. Here you go: https://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/p47982/Arrow-Arms-APC9-K-AEG-Rifle-with-T2-Red-Dot-Sight-(Black)/product_info.html They showed up back in January, but I wasn't sure whether it was newsworthy. Wysłane z mojego H4113 przy użyciu Tapatalka
  12. Not just that one. "Spawn" did the same with MAC10s, those looked even jankier.
  13. EDIT: Okay, nope, the APC9K sold out some time ago. But they DID have it.
  14. Explain. What the *fruitcage* am I looking at.
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