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  1. Mike_West

    WE G series MOS full house

    Oooh, pretty! What's the light/laser thing in the front?
  2. Mike_West

    WE New SMG ?

    If only they could make a B&T APC-9 replica running off those...
  3. And the mainspring housing is way off either. Tabs on the sides go at an entirely different angle and the slot is much shorter, so you won't fit that one either.
  4. Mike_West

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    The brace, it was easier. That and judging how the inside is shaped, the pin hole in the APS Shark is a milimeter or two lower than in a Glock, but the curve is similar, so the brace wobble is minimal.
  5. Mike_West

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    I give you: BRRRRT 4: The BRRRRT Master. Yes, I managed to hammer the Flux Brace onto a NotGlock, with a fair amount of dremeling. But it works.
  6. Mike_West

    WE New SMG ?

    Yeah, those are cool, but we're talking about GBB version.
  7. Mike_West

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Prices of electronics went absolutely insane. I wanted to buy a Streamdeck, it turned out the prices went up by 25%. Someone asked about webcams, and those turned out to be not just twice as expensive, but mostly out of stock. Also, I need to buy a Glock. Turns out the grip dimensions on the APS NotGlock are so completely way out of wack that no amount of dremeling is going to sort it out. I also expected the brace to go all the way to my elbow, and I don't have particularly long hands... Nooope, it's shorter, apparently not to tempt people into using it as a stock.
  8. Mike_West

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Fedex and their estimates. I was supposed to receive the Flux brace today. Turns out, it's still stuck in customs, CRW learned nothing, and my request to delay the delivery until Monday (when I'm sure to be home) turned out to be pointless.
  9. Mike_West

    AAA Battery Problem please help

    Don't. Rechargeable batteries cost more and work longer than whatever "airsoft pistol that runs on AAA batteries" you bought.
  10. Mike_West

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    So I finally decided to order a Flux Brace for my NotGlock. Then I found them on AliExpress. Only 10% cheaper. I can overpay 10 quid or so, I think. So all in all, I managed to find them and place an order (on CRW) so that's a good thing.
  11. Mike_West

    Airsoft sightings in Movies and TV shows thread 2

    Ahahahaha, guess what. I'm watching a The Division 2 livestream, and they included... APS UAR. Talk about highly realistic military simulation signed with Tom Clancy's name. The man's gotta be spinning in his grave.
  12. Mike_West

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    *fruitcage* *suitcase*. I just got feedback from Brussels regarding work stuff, and it turns out that somehow I was able to get three kinds of wrong results using pretty much the same set of IT tools. Don't ask me how it's possible, because I don't rightly *fruitcage* know.
  13. Mike_West

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    So I'm on the train home from a buddy's birthday party. Somehow a brand spanking new train partially funded by the EU takes twice the time to travel the other way while a rickety refurbished old POS needed 2,5 hours to get me there in the first place. Not to mention, the surroundings look like Tarkov.
  14. I'm thinking about replacing my JG SL8 carry handle dual optic with something from NCStar - ADO or GEN3 with an ACM flip-up dot sight. What's your take on those? I did hear a couple of horror stories regarding that brand, but I'm a sucker for the futuristic styling of those things.
  15. Mike_West

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    That was one bag, now think that the *fruitcage*ers not only settled on the back of the couch, but also in the junction box next to it and must have been there for some time. I had to toss the couch AND the armchairs. Didn't like'em anyways. The bad thing is, I gotta start putting money for a serious renovation together.

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