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  1. Evike posted on their FB page they have it in stock now: https://evike-europe.com/102356.html
  2. So I gave my painted pistol (and gloves) to a friend for a photoshoot. More here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CmxX3qNI42f/
  3. I was looking really long for the right color scheme for my futuristic APS Shark SMG build, and I found one in the new Call of Duty game. Basically, it's a riff on the Cinder weapon vault from the deluxe edition.
  4. I switched from a 20-year-old Fujitime titanium watch to a Galaxy Watch 4 with an aftermarket steel bracelet. Yeah, it's a fanmade face from The Division, I found it functional and looking good enough to use.
  5. My WE MSK GBB with some initial addons: MLOK sling loop, cheapass RIS angled grip and a 4x ACOG. I kinda forgot to put the silencer on. Next stop: two extra magazines and magazine bands marking them as .300 BLK. And a close-up of the selector paintjob (using Citadel paints, Skull White and Blazing Orange on Mechrite Red).
  6. I totally forgot we had this thread. A friend of mine wanted some photos with guns and gear, so I obliged. More here: https://seriously-mike.tumblr.com/post/663470166811770880/a-quick-photoset-inspired-by-call-of-duty-black
  7. OK, so I can finally post my new JG M870 with wood furniture and extended tube.
  8. Not just that one. "Spawn" did the same with MAC10s, those looked even jankier.
  9. Explain. What the *fruitcage* am I looking at.
  10. I'll add mine: the new S&T Kar98k with a scope mount and a repro ZF39 scope. Of course windage on the ZF39 is adjusted by monkeying with two screws on the back of the mount, both of which have square heads and, infuriatingly, no key included with the mount. Throwing the lever on the mount backwards and holding the latch on top allows you to slide the scope off, and the mount comes with a RIS rail that replaces the scope clamps.
  11. Pretty much, yeah. First off, original grips latch on the frame with a spring-loaded pin in the rear. You have to push it down with something like a Philips screwdriver or hex key, then slide the grips off. Also, wood grips for the DE mount by fitting into cutouts in the frame. On the real steel, the semicircular tabs in the front of the frame sit some 5mm lower than on the WE version, and bottoms of the cutouts are about a centimeter bigger. Luckily, you can mark everything out easily. But I also had to add a ~3mm spacer to the rear, because most DE grips are sized for the .357 version,
  12. No, they're made by another Turkish company, MAK Grips. But yeah, I got them on Etsy for about 80 quid shipped and taxed. Also, thank god it's not Marui, fitting real wood grips on that one is even more pain in the *albatross*.
  13. So my WE Desert Eagle finally arrived, I spend about two hours trying to put wood grips on it, it's an ABSOLUTE MEGACHONKER.
  14. That CGI rain on hell knows what, THAT one is atrocious. Not to mention the sound mixing is worse than any given Polish TV series.
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