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  1. Found a recent pic of a full rack of S&T Lee-Enfields on Reddit today. After I got to S&T's Facebook page where it originated, I found a video of the SMLE being tested. https://www.facebook.com/smartteamhk/posts/4014138622014877 https://www.facebook.com/smartteamhk/photos/a.3890812301014177/4003303039765102/ Also, they're apparently making a full-size M1887 gas shotgun (Marushin copy, just with bigger bells and whistles): https://www.facebook.com/smartteamhk/posts/3925672670861473
  2. Hahaha, things are getting worse. Or better, depending on your viewpoint. I found a WE PLR-16 with a stock in a Czech webshop, 280 euros shipped, taxed, etcetera. That's at least 50 euros cheaper than getting it from HK. Then, I'd put an ACOG and an Osprey can on it, and work on modding the stock into something less unsightly (getting an actual SU-16 stock with a full trigger mech is legal here, but they're off the market anyway).
  3. Slap some sense into me, I'm considering buying the Amoeba Striker AS-02 (full stock, short barrel) in grey and a silencer adapter in order to put an Osprey can, an ACOG and a Dedsec-inspired paintjob and stickerbomb on it. And that after changing my mind from an UMP with a threaded aftermarket barrel...
  4. Guys, I can clearly see that grub screw through the hole in the handguard...
  5. No, thank you, it's not a "hole", it's "half is gone", and I'm still running on a 400mg ibuprofen pill I got in the morning. And "half is gone" is how it was for the last two or three weeks. Also, the mouse delivery is running late.
  6. Pretty much, yeah. First off, original grips latch on the frame with a spring-loaded pin in the rear. You have to push it down with something like a Philips screwdriver or hex key, then slide the grips off. Also, wood grips for the DE mount by fitting into cutouts in the frame. On the real steel, the semicircular tabs in the front of the frame sit some 5mm lower than on the WE version, and bottoms of the cutouts are about a centimeter bigger. Luckily, you can mark everything out easily. But I also had to add a ~3mm spacer to the rear, because most DE grips are sized for the .357 version,
  7. Aaaand it started hurting full time. Also, my mouse just crapped out right in the middle of Tuesday livestream, so I had to splurge for a new one. Right now I'm using a spare.
  8. My tooth! Sweet Jesus, OUCH! Basically, for the last three days I had a weird tooth/jaw ache that manifested only during my work hours. Yesterday I went through 3/4 of an ibuprofen blister, obviously worrying about the effects of it. Sure, I chipped my tooth weeks ago, but only now it started acting up and goes away around 4PM. I have a dentist appointment on Friday to sort it out, but right now I'm wondering whether it's psychosomatic.
  9. No, they're made by another Turkish company, MAK Grips. But yeah, I got them on Etsy for about 80 quid shipped and taxed. Also, thank god it's not Marui, fitting real wood grips on that one is even more pain in the *albatross*.
  10. So my WE Desert Eagle finally arrived, I spend about two hours trying to put wood grips on it, it's an ABSOLUTE MEGACHONKER.
  11. Like I had a choice, with the EMS refusing to ship out of China and HK in the first place. *suitcase*, I'd take EMS over that sluggish cluster*fruitcage* anyday if I could. 50 bucks up the *albatross* because people can't "quarantine" the parcel for 48 hours. They're so lazy in the local postal service that those 48 hours would require no extra effort!
  12. OK, so UPS has officially gone to pot. Time for DHL to sort out customs procedures and deliver the parcel, counting from sending me a request to fill the forms and provide proof: 23 hours. Time for UPS to do the same? *fruitcage* AGES. They're supposed to start adding storage surcharge after three working days of holding onto the parcel and guess what, they got all the documents from me on Tuesday and still haven't done *suitcase*.
  13. Okay, so due to the frankly idiotic screwup with the grips guy, I had to contact DHL and sort out customs stuff. Lo and behold, I sent them all the paperwork at 11AM yesterday, and the courier turned up five minutes ago. Meanwhile, UPS is still faffing about.
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