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  1. https://www.redwolfairsoft.com/ares-x-kel-tec-rdb-aeg-black.html https://www.redwolfairsoft.com/ares-x-kel-tec-rdb-aeg-olive-drab.html https://www.redwolfairsoft.com/ares-x-kel-tec-rdb-aeg-dark-earth.html So, Ares plans to release a Kel-Tec RDB replica in black, OD and FDE soonish, you can place a preorder on Redwolf. It's an AEG, priced at USD 313,99, clocks in at 370 fps, takes standard M4 AEG mags, muzzle thread is standard 14mm CCW.
  2. No idea. It has a short top rail located in front of folding rear sight hump. I got it from a guy on local auction site, it was badly described so I think even he didn't have a clue. The battery goes under the front grip, and the through-hole in the back doesn't have a rim for a QD sling loop to click into, that's what I know. Which might mean we're dealing with an early S&T. The HU looks like a M4 unit, the cylinder is anodized candy red and the mag release is the exact opposite of sensitive, magwell is pretty tight on the aftermarket ACM PMAG I bought for visual effect. Thanks for t
  3. You know what I'm thinking of? Polygonal body instead of a tubular one. Make it look like the M10AF Lexington from Cyberpunk 2077. Reap serious dinero.
  4. Hey, at least the 1911 version looks a bit like the 22/45 if you squint.
  5. I'm trying to figure out what you did and I have no idea. The front looks like it's supposed to go over some kind of barrel nut or something, as the top rail sticks out slightly. Also, are you saying there was another nub sticking out on the other side and you broke that one? The entire thing could potentially hold on one and not spin around, but don't quote me on that.
  6. Nice, looks like I'll have to get a CW/CCW adapter to slap my Osprey on my Ares Tavor once I get the MH1 clone I ordered.
  7. How are the ergonomics on the Type 11? I always thought it was awkward after getting it in Battlefield V.
  8. Octagon Airsoft now offers six different outer barrels and two body kits for the AAP01. https://www.facebook.com/OctagonAirsoftHobbies/posts/2987946371306538 https://www.facebook.com/OctagonAirsoftHobbies/posts/2987947681306407 The SMG bodykit looks absolutely insane. The Wildey/Automag barrel is pretty cool too.
  9. Oh hey, I found the old lumpy steel suppressor I got for my JLS F2000 back in the day. I can use it on the CW thread on the Tavor.
  10. Okay lads, so I got my hands on an used Tavor AEG without a box and manual. All I know is, it has CW thread on the barrel, as opposed to more common CCW one, a bolt catch that, judging from the sound it made when I pressed it after trying to fire it with a barely charged battery, also unlatches the anti-reversal latch in case the piston gets stuck back, and trademarks, including a serial number: VE012004. The first thing I had to do was tightening the hex screw on the selector lever, as otherwise it wouldn't hold on auto (it sprung back to semi). Any ideas what I'm dealing with and what s
  11. So the coolest red dot sights are currently available only on AliExpress. Certainly nowhere near my location. ACRO with a low RIS mount would look pretty cool on my heavily modded NotGlock, being a fairly close match for the Kang Tao smart SMG from Cyberpunk 2077, and I want a MH1 for the Tavor I managed to obtain.
  12. I managed to find someone willing to part with their airsoft Tavor. The S&T/Umarex one, but as a prop, it'll do.
  13. Oooh, pretty! What's the light/laser thing in the front?
  14. If only they could make a B&T APC-9 replica running off those...
  15. And the mainspring housing is way off either. Tabs on the sides go at an entirely different angle and the slot is much shorter, so you won't fit that one either.
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