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  1. Found GI Joe/The Expanse vests locally for Ł35 or thereabouts, meaning they're not just cheaper than AliExpress, they'll be shipped in two days instead of two months. Now, how do I make a compact backlight for a greenscreen?
  2. Swatti, you did see this one, I hope? https://hiconsumption.com/dx-12-punisher-double-barreled-shotgun-pistol/
  3. Good news, you can buy APC9K somewhere. On Gunfire. https://gunfire.com/en/products/apc9-k-submachine-gun-replica-1152230111.html
  4. Either way, they're made in China.
  5. Here you go: https://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/p47982/Arrow-Arms-APC9-K-AEG-Rifle-with-T2-Red-Dot-Sight-(Black)/product_info.html They showed up back in January, but I wasn't sure whether it was newsworthy. Wysłane z mojego H4113 przy użyciu Tapatalka
  6. Not just that one. "Spawn" did the same with MAC10s, those looked even jankier.
  7. EDIT: Okay, nope, the APC9K sold out some time ago. But they DID have it.
  8. Explain. What the *fruitcage* am I looking at.
  9. First, *fruitcage* the government, second, a kingdom for a welder. My office chair wobbles annoyingly due to shoddy welding, and due to the recently introduced pay cuts in the civil service sector and frankly idiotic management of the national budget including galloping inflation and skyrocketing prices, I can hardly afford a new one. The *fruitcage* bastards deprived us of bonuses and bypassed the parliament to grant themselves raises while the economy is tanking. Send help. And cruise missiles.
  10. Maybe the last tooth on the piston broke off? Or something was misaligned inside so the sector gear didn't catch the piston?
  11. Shipping costs and customs enforcement. The local government got so desperate they tax everything people import, no matter the value.
  12. Look, if it's in stock in a store and has a price tag, it got REAL. Real like, Real Inner-City African-American Hours real. Which is why I'm asking.
  13. Uh, guys... I wanted to make sure that this is a new thing and not something I slept over. https://gunfire.com/en/products/pmc-we-r015-carbine-replica-1152196901.html Basically, Gunfire has this thing on offer, and it's a Galil GBBR made by WE. Is this fresh and newsworthy, or just something that went over my head?
  14. I'll add mine: the new S&T Kar98k with a scope mount and a repro ZF39 scope. Of course windage on the ZF39 is adjusted by monkeying with two screws on the back of the mount, both of which have square heads and, infuriatingly, no key included with the mount. Throwing the lever on the mount backwards and holding the latch on top allows you to slide the scope off, and the mount comes with a RIS rail that replaces the scope clamps.
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