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Found 3 results

  1. Apologies for the bullet-point formatting. It seems I can't modify it so each list is single-spaced. If the formatting really bothers you, here's a link to this same document on my google drive: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1U8acwm_xEDo04XfRLj5s-8Zh1z1LMpER9AGWt6l8ONQ/edit?usp=sharing TOKYO MARUI M870: BUILDING THE ULTIMATE AIRSOFT SHOTGUN This is a modification-oriented overview of the Tokyo Marui M870, which has been written over the course of 6 months and covers each phase of my modification and outfitting plan. Treat this writeup as a technical supplement to the more standard reviews already out there, some of which are listed in the Additional Resources section at the end of this document. If you’re short on time, the following is the BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) for this article: This gun is okay out of the box. Somewhat better than a spring-powered tri-shot shotgun, but not significantly so. See Phase 1 notes for more details. The issues plaguing earlier production runs of this gun have been largely corrected in newer batches. See Phase 2 notes for more details. If you want to maximize reliability and exploit performance potential, get comfortable with taking the gun apart. This especially applies to the x-ring modification, which greatly reduces the likelihood of your gun leaking. See Phase 2 notes for more details. If you plan on upgrading, use WiiTech parts. The more, the better. See Phase 2 and 5 notes for more details. If you want to fine-tune your gun’s performance, converting to HPA is recommended. See Phase 4 notes for more details. If you want to run ammo heavier than 0.30g, be prepared to experiment with the hopup system. See Phase 3 notes for more details. If your gun ends up shooting 0.36+g bbs best, you’ll likely need to upgrade your loading system components. See Phase 5 notes for more details. Fitting a real Remington 870 stock is possible, but it’ll take some work. Having a machinist perform the modification is recommended. See Phase 6 notes for more details. Do not use soft or brittle bbs, like Valken. High-quality bbs like HPA and BLS minimize the likelihood and severity of jams. See the Verdict section for more details. The contents of this article are as follows: Inception/Viability/Selection: Background information Phase 0: Notes gathered from various reviews about TM M870 problems and fixes Phase 1: First impressions and stock performance Phase 2: Disassembly, upgrade and reinforcement part selection, and installation Phase 3: Experimenting with different hopup modifications Phase 4: HPA conversion and performance testing Phase 5: Internal part repair and reinforcement Phase 6: External part selection and fitment, including converting a real Remington 870 stock to fit Phase 7: Accessory and equipment selection On the field/Verdict/What’s next?: After-action report, final modifications, lessons learned, and conclusion Additional Resources/References: Helpful links and sources for information indicated by bracketed numbers The following is the parts list for this build: Base gun: Tokyo Marui M870, wood version Internals Amped Airsoft Integrated Grip Line (IGL) for Jack 1.1/F1/F2, screwed into ¼-28 tapped gas port Blackcat mechanical box spring set WiiTech 150% hammer spring, P/N 4051 WiiTech stainless steel valve pin, P/N 4043 Size 104 nitrile x-ring, modified, installed on valve pin DangerWerx transfer bar WiiTech aluminum loading plates, P/N 4044 WiiTech duster gas nozzle, P/N 4045, with nozzle shaft return spring from WiiTech top gas loading nozzle WiiTech 2016 version hopup chamber, P/N 4059 TM hopup rubbers, shimmed with electrical tape WiiTech 6.03 x 380mm extended inner barrel set, P/N 4032 Externals Real-steel Knoxx SpecOps stock, Gen 1, machined to fit Blackcat sling adapter, slot type, modified to interface with Knoxx SpecOps stock TM M870 Tactical black faux bolt, P/N 870T-39 G&P saddle rail and shell carrier, cut down, P/N MSP-017 Real-steel GG&G QD T1 mount, with Dytac T1 red dot and WiiTech T1 lens protector G&P railed pump, P/N MSP-002H, with Longshot Manufacturing 25-slot M-Lok rails machined to fit Replica H&K vertical foregrip Night Evolution M600C weapon light FMA LA-5 battery box Replica KAC rail covers x2, cut down, backside filed to allow passage of cables WiiTech dummy magazine tube extension, P/N 4028, with coupler from G&P magazine extension Real-steel Remington 870 magazine tube clamp US-issue M60 sling, configured as 3-to-1 point quick adjust sling with ITW MQRB bolted to saddle rail Accessories/other TM shotgun shells with MAS SuperFeed springs and HexMag follower bases Redline SFR regulator First Strike Hero 2 48/4500 HPA tank, or dual First Strike Guerrilla 13/3000 HPA tanks Amped Airsoft HPA line TechT GunSav grease If you’re interested in learning the specifics of how I transformed this rather ordinary replica into what is perhaps the ultimate airsoft shotgun, buckle up. It’s gonna be a long read.
  2. vorpalbunnie

    APS CAM870 Impressions

    Yep. I got one of these. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post it. I had a lot of nice embedded pictures but upon trying to post i was notified that I wasn't "allowed to use that image extension on this community". All photos are now links embedded in the text (Either as bare links or hyperlinks). (Review copy pasted from reddit) I picked up the APS CAM870 Magnum: http://i.imgur.com/1UI9UDM.jpg ____________ Oh boy, I've been lusting after this gun for a long time. This thing is the reason I haven't picked up the TM M870 yet. Don't get me wrong, I love the TM 870. I had the chance to run it this summer in Japan and it was amazing! I just didn't need two 870s in my life yet. http://i.imgur.com/szfMZeE.jpg _________________________________________________ So why the APS? A bunch of reasons: 1. Metal and wood. Yes I know the marui is also metal. 2. Pretty much completely real steel compatible. Functions just like the real one and takes many of the parts made for real ones. 3. Virtually no one else has one because it's so fugging expensive. I want to be speshul snowflake. 4. If it fits, it shoots. I'll get to this later. The box it comes in is very nice. http://i.imgur.com/gN6s150.jpg Although I feel like I've seen it somewhere else.....COUGH COUGH. So it's not really original. But this gun sure as hell is! By the end of this little review thing you'll certainly understand why. The gun and parts were held in very securely in this box. A lot of egg-carton-style cardboard bits that hold everything nice and tight. Here is everything that comes with it: http://i.imgur.com/6rRwo8C.jpg You get: 1. The ScatterGat 2. 2 shells 3. A Manual 4. A Shell catcher that clasps on to the receiver (http://i.imgur.com/tyHluQw.jpg) 5. The CO2 Charger (http://i.imgur.com/uYfRjYW.jpg) ___________________ Now I want to **draw your attention to the manual**. It is a surprisingly top-notch manual. The english is quite coherent with some big words and fancy structures! The pictures are all pretty informative too. (Of note, remember that airsoft is not a real word in english, so it's not that weird that APS uses it to refer to airsoft guns.) But the real star of this show is that APS has ***THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF AIRSOFT SAFETY*** which I wholly enjoyed reading. You should go read the manual right now, I took pictures for you. Some fun examples from the text: >A superbly crafted airsoft is only as good as the hands that hold it. >Kids are fascinated by airsofts. It's a natural curiousity that can have tragic consequences when no properly supervised. >SHOOT SOBER!!! Oh APS, I love you now. Yes this will be on the test. ________________ Back to the gun! IT. IS. AWESOME. looking The wood on the stock and forend is gorgeous. Hyper smooth and looks oh-so-good. The sights are boring Remington "rifle" shotgun sights. The rear sight is adjustable if that's your kind of thing. They work. They will also be replaced shortly. Too boring. The trademarks are extremely realistic, just like on the APS CAM870! Bravo to APS on that. Now this gun is really cool because pretty much all of the *airsoft* bits are contained in the shell. The bolt slides back to reveal..... nothing really, just like the real 870. There is no inner barrel because this gun is a shotgun! So with all the gassy bits contained in the shells, the CAM870 uses a firing pin on the bolt to release the gas. So yes, a spring-loaded metal rod is released by a trigger-pull, slamming into the back of a plastic cylinder, which then releases rapidly expanding gas that launches projectiles down the barrel. This is an airsoft gun, I swear. ATFplsdontkill __________________________ __________________________ Loading this gun is an intensive hands-on process, and because airsofters often look for the opposite of what real gun owners desire (We want more recoil, FFS) the process of chambering shells is awesome! Step 1. Flip the gun over Step 2. Insert shell into the magazine tube by depressing the lifter Step 3. Put up to 6 more shells in Step 4. Flip gun back over Step 5. Pull the forend back toward you which releases a single shell from the tube onto the lifter. Step 6. Push the forend forward raising the shell into the chamber. Step 7. BLAT! x7 If that doesn't sound totally awesome something may be wrong with you. ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Each shell is charged with the fancy CO2 device, then you put a plastic wad in the shell to create a backing followed by 12 BBs and a cover slip of cardboard paper that holds the BBs in(which I didn't put on these shells so you can see inside). But where's the fun in that? The real reason to buy this gun is for the endless list of non-APS-approved projectiles! I've only shot BBs from this gun once. It is simply too much fun sticking random *suitcase* (Not literal feces yet) I find into the shells and seeing what happens. Here are some examples of great alternatives to BBs. Results may vary. But kids please don't try this at home, do it at your friend's house instead! If it fits, it shoots! ________________________________ ________________________________ Now earlier I said this thing was real steel compatible. So naturally I have big plans for it. This is what it looks like as of July 14th: http://i.imgur.com/v5N4RrL.jpg I know that most of you will probably disagree with me, but I do like the wood stock with the MOE forend. It's that good kind of weird. Also, vertical grips on shotguns without pistol grips feel weird, and lights are awesome on shotguns. Unfortunately real steel scope mounts do not fit as the trigger pins on the APS870 are not real steel spec. ________________ So do I recommend it? Hell yes. Endless novelty for me. Is it skirmishable? Eh........I mean it works great as a scattergat, you'll just need to buy a lot of shells (A little pricey at $10 each!). But in the end it's an extremely expensive item (**$519 retail!!!**). So I guess I wouldn't buy this at the asking price unless you fit in the target demographic. The gun is kind of like a shotgun version of a PTW/Inokatsu/WA/ETC. Expensive but hyper-realistic. It's for the people that have reached the "end of the line" so to speak and want to buy something cool that they can work on for a long time. I have big plans for this gun. And it is just sooooo satisfying to work the action. And shoot random objects out of. And then eject the shells across the room. And try to catch them. And...repeat. So do I regret it? No, I don't. But it's probably because I have enough practical guns and this gun really fits what **I** wanted, which is something to fiddle around with. It does a damn good job at that. I bought this gun from AirSplat. And if you plan to magpul it out and save money they also have a Magpul custom one, which is notable in that it's actually cheaper to buy it pre-assembled. I would've gotten that model except I wanted the wood. ________________ For my final words in this review, I really do want to complement APS on this gun. They did something new, and did a damn good job at it. Not to mention something that is for an extremely small market niche, which **very few** companies aim for these days. I love seeing improvement, so between this and the UAR, I'm actually looking forward to future APS releases (Shrike especially). ________ ________ Again if you have any questions or requests, leave a comment. Thanks for reading!
  3. APS CAM870 AOW (Picture heavy) Also known as the Serbu Super Shorty, RS made of either a Mossberg or a Remington 870. This airsoft replica looks mostly like the Remington cause of the safety button, but the front grip is wrong either if its a Mossberg or Remington but I understand why they had to make it like this. Ordering Ordered it from Airsofttiger111hk, easy ordering and about 9 days waiting from it left HK til it was at my door. I payed 422$ for the gun and shipping. The gun alone on that site cost 355$. The Box I do not have the box to show, they flipped it around so it looked like a regular cardboard box on the outside and the real box inside and so much damn tape I ruined the box opening it but I have to say, it looked just like a Umarex box for some reason It comes with the shotgun itself and a shell catcher, 2x shells, 50 wads and paper, and the tool to fill the shells with gas. First impression Its so damn small, Its really heavy for its size but not to heavy, it feels good in the hand and its really maneuverable. No wobble except the front grip (and that was expected) but it doesn't feel weak in any way. The front grip is spring loaded, just pull it down to flip up or down. Cocking the gun makes a really nice sound, its a little hard in the beginning but I guess it will get easier over time. Loading the shells into the gun takes no effort, It got room for one shell in the chamber and two in the mag tube. Bought a couple extra shells, the two blue are in the box and comes with the gun. Not much of trademarks other than on the left and right side of the barrel: The gun also features a thread protector in the front. One thing I found strange that disappointed me was that I had bought a 2" flash hider for this, it says on APS's website that the flash hiders are for any 870 shotguns as long as they have a threaded barrel but my didnt fit, it's about 1-2mm to big to catch on the threads on the gun. I have emailed APS about this. Final thoughts I love it, I first thought it was way to expensive but I still ordered it and I cant say I regret it at all. It is well worth the money. But is it skirmishable? If its CQB only and you have enough shells I think one would get a lot of fun with this. Sins the barrel is so short and theres no inner barrel I am really curious about the performance, I'm in the middle of moving so I couldn't test it out today unfortunately. I will update when I get an answer from APS about the threaded barrel and the flash hider not fitting. This was my first overview so I'm sorry for anything wrong , I'm not that good at english

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