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    Mainly collecting different kinds of 1911 style gas guns but also shotguns and revolvers I find interesting.

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  1. Safeword

    1911 Picture Thread

    Do you use some kind of polishing on them to make them so shiny? In my experience, brass tends to be a fingerprint magnet
  2. Safeword

    WE/Socom Gear PLR-16

    Yeah it seems it was just a edge, mine doesn't make that strange sound anymore. The nozzle, I have no idea about, I have asked WE directly on their website but haven't gotten a reply yet
  3. Anyone know if the trigger bar and trigger from a TM 1911 will fit a WE 1911?

  4. Is Cybergun squeezing the last money out of the FNX45? Ehobby have a DX version, it comes in a case and sight mount...

    1. Safeword


      And two mags, just saw that

  5. Safeword

    H&K Picture Thread

    Just received this, got it cheap from a airsoft shop in Norway, it's the VFC MP7A1 and I have a question, have VFC released a updated version of this? I read a lot of reviews when it was released and people complained about the cooldown and I also read that the flash hider was plastic but on mine, there is a lot of steel parts, including the flash hider, and I have only the magazine that came with it but have not seen any sign of cooldown problems, I mag dumped on full auto, 4 times in a row without problems.
  6. Safeword

    WE/Socom Gear PLR-16

    The bolt stays open when the magazine is empty and when the magazine is removed, you just have to pull the charging handle again to release the bolt, you can lock open the bolt manually by pressing a "button" behind the magwell when pulling the charging handle, mine makes a strange sound, like it's rubbing against something when doing it so not sure if it's a good idea or not
  7. Safeword

    WE/Socom Gear PLR-16

    The rod is just a tube and the guide rod and recoil spring is inside it
  8. Safeword

    WE/Socom Gear PLR-16

    Hello all, I know this gun have been out for some time but wanted to share my thoughts on it after owning it for almost two weeks, so therefore a short review/ overview. Posting it in the pistol review section because it is technically a pistol even tho the RS shoots 5.56x45 And sorry about a couple of the pictures, my camera died and had to use my phone. Packaging: It comes in a boring brown cardboard box with a small sticker in the right corner saying whats inside. In the box you will get the gun, I bought the WE version with stock even tho I'll probably never use it but better to have it and not need it and vice versa, also it cost the same with stock as without where I bought it, you'll also get the manual, a magazine, a speed loader and a m4 special wrench. Trademarks: On the right side On the left side Magazine: Now here's something that kinda sucks, the rubber gas route on this is flat, it says it will take any m4 magazine from WE but you need to buy new flat gas route and modify your new magazines to get them to work. I have no idea why WE did this but anyway, I have a couple WE MSK magazines and gas routes on the way. Flat and not rounded like other WE m4 guns. Sights: Simple but effective, remember to tighten the screws on the rear sight after every use cause the blowback will shake them loose Other things worth mentioning: - The kick is insane, they did not lie in their teasers when this came out, it kicks really good. - Hard to find the single shot, it's just a button for safe, semi and auto where the semi setting are in the middle and there are hardly any sign of when you're in the sweet spot. - Front heavy both with and without the handguard, yeah it's a pistol but can't imagine anyone wielding this with one hand - A lot of space for accessories Threaded 14mm barrel The grip doesn't look all that great but are fantastic to hold, also a sling attachment at the back. The grey "button" is a pin which is the only thing you need to remove to disassemble it. The front with handguard that sports a 20mm rail. The gun without handguard. Super simple takedown, A+ in my book that the bolt looks almost exactly like the RS Here with redpoint and Osprey mock suppressor Request more pictures if your wondering about anything
  9. Safeword

    Tokyo Marui KSG Gas Shotgun: First Impressions

    Great stuff man, love the pictures. I believe the lever in front of the trigger are a action bar lock, on the RS it locks the pump automatically when pumped and unlocks after you pull the trigger and it can be pulled down manually to pump without having to pull the trigger, dont quote me on this doh, I only held the RS for a minute at Shotshow a couple years back Edit: Saw Redwolf posted a review of this now, you can fit two shells in the left tube
  10. On a Norwegian forum, guy talking about how pathetic airsoft and the people who play it are, see same guy in another thread saying how badass, awesome and realistic nerf guns are...

    1. hitmanNo2


      We can only hope that he gets the help he needs.

  11. Anyone know if you can take out the dummy shell pieces from a Tanaka revolver's cylinder?

    1. renegadecow


      The brass rims are press fit and pop out as one piece with sprues connecting them all around.

    2. Safeword


      Nice, thinking about spray painting the cylinder on a revolver i'm getting soon but didn't know if you could remove them, thanks for the help!

    3. renegadecow


      Make sure not to put too much paint on the front face of the cylinder or it will have cycling issues with increased friction against the "hop chamber's" o-ring seal.

  12. 2 weeks and 37 scans to get a package from the UK to Norway, UPS does not like me ordering inert ammo for my ammo collection xD

  13. Wish some airsoft company would make a Fitz Special or Webley with 2 inch barrel, that would be awesome

  14. Safeword

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Yeah I had to do the same, I think this was the tightest fit of anything I have ever built but after some modifications it's fantastic
  15. Safeword

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    My APS build, I call it the Salient Super Shorty CAM 870 AOW based with all external SAI parts from APS and all APS internal parts.

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