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Found 2 results

  1. Wooly_Booly

    WE TA 2015, P90 review

    P90, WE90, Play 90, TA2015, the gun with too many names. The gun so many people around the world have been waiting half a decade for is finally out! Up until recently there had been no new information regarding it and the project had been barred from production by Cybergun, but WE surprised us and released it anyways. Who knows what else in in the works, the AUGustus Caesar ^^^^hehe may very well still be somewhere. 76 picture album here! I got mine from Airsoft Taiwan since they were the only place to have enough mags in stock when I ordered it. I placed my order on the 20th of October and received it on the 26th of October, all the way from Taiwan. It made it into the states and through customs in 6 days. Very pleased with the speed. Airsoft Taiwan even notified me of an error in the listed weight for the magazines, leading to additional shipping costs and refunded me $75. All around wonderful service, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Airsoft Taiwan, especially if you're looking for RA-tech parts. Video will be up soon! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Packaging: Packaging is the usual odd WE packaging. There is an image of the P90 over an urban city background. You've got some Chinese writing, a funky font for the T.A-2015 logo and the two WE logos. I can't read Chinese, though my quick doodles through Google translate trying to replicate their difficult to read stylized font gave me "????, ????", "King of the road again, Die Another Day". No clue what that means, I could have also possibly gotten one of the symbols wrong. The package is actually really small compared to what I pictured, I put my hand on it for scale. Inside the package you get the WE TA 2015, one magazine, the manual and one of their new Dragon notadildo speed loaders. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Gun: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Externals: Externally, the gun is damn fine. WE's polymer has always been very sturdy and very comfortable in the hand. No creaking or wobbling aside from the charging rod/handle thing. My Tokyo Marui High Cycle feels a little toy-ish compared to this, both in weight and material. The upper assembly is unfortunately plastic, though the tri-rail assembly is metal. Angry Gun and some other companies will most likely have a metal upper sometime soon, keep your fingers crossed for a red dot upper. The unfortunate part of the upper being plastic is that the threading for the outer barrel are two halves of the plastic coming together. Not so bad, though as I showed in one of the last pictures in my album if you over tighten the grub screw the pieces will bend, leading to accuracy issues. Airsoft Taiwan probably over tightened it after painting the tip. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function/Assembly: Function is no different than a standard P90. You have your round selector switch, dual side charging handle, dual side magazine release and a tri-rail. Being a bullpup, the trigger is a little on the heavier side, though moving your trigger finger a little higher up helps a lot. Magazine can be a little bit tricky when you're inserting it. If you watched Redwolf Airsoft's video you should know by now that you are NOT supposed to slap it down, even if Tim did do it immediately after. Due to how the valve connects the magazine to the internal gas chamber they need to be lined up properly. I've had a few points where I've pushed the magazine down without the valves being properly lined up and had a mist of gas released in my face. The magazine is very easy to load, no special feed lips or odd angles required, just point it down and load. They hold a LOT of gas, though out of the box you might get some varying performance or you may only be able to load a small amount of gas. This happens when you still have air in the magazine which displaces the gas. An easy way to solve this is to hold the release valve for just a second while filling the gas. You don't need to do it too long, only for a moment after you see gas start to shoot out. This can happen with most every gas gun, same steps to fix it apply. One thing I didn't notice in my first look-around of the gun is that there is actually a dry-fire mode. Right next to the feeding port on the magazine is a small metal plate you can push forward to cover the separate part of the follower which actuates a lever on the inside of the gun to slightly lock the bolt back. Hop-up uses the same rotary design you find in most WE GBBR's, (ex. Scar's, Ace VD, AK, etc) very easy to use, you can adjust it by removing the magazine. Turn left to raise the hop, right to lower it. Accuracy is pretty decent, I was landing most shots on a tree in my back yard 100 and 150 feet away with .3's. Much better stock hop-up assembly than the Scar H, though there is still room for improvement Disassembly is veeeeeeeery easy, you can disassemble most of it in the gun in a few seconds. First step is to pull the charging handle, locking back the hammer. The carrier/recoil assembly will not move unless the hammer is locked back all the way. Next, take off the magazine and you'll notice a button right above the thumb hole. Push it down and the entire assembly slide off. Aim the body down and the carrier assembly will slide right out. The butt plate slides upwards, and the trigger assembly can be removed by pulling up a little lever and aiming it down so it slides out. When reassembling, be careful of the position of the butt plate! The recoil rod assembly has a pin which sits in a slot in the butt plate, and if it isn't seated properly you will have feeding/cycling issues. The P90 uses a closed bolt system, but it is NOT the closed bolt AWSS system WE had previously used. The real P90 fires from a closed bolt position, and WE replicated this in their manual. A closed bolt basically means that the carrier and bullet are seated and fully forward waiting for the hammer to release and strike the firing pin. In the case of GBB's it strikes the release valve. Most every modern GBB uses a system like this. It is open bolt and closed bolt, though it doesn't use the AWSS system. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Firing: Semi auto test: * FPS: 460.0, Joules: 1.96 * FPS: 452.8, Joules: 1.9 * FPS: 447.9, Joules: 1.86 * FPS 434.4, Joules: 1.75 * FPS: 443.9, Joules: 1.83 * FPS: 440.5, Joules: 1.8 * FPS: 442.1, Joules: 1.81 * FPS: 435.7, Joules: 1.76 * FPS: 439.0, Joules: 1.79 * FPS: 439.9, Joules: 1.8 Full auto test with a new magazine: First 11 bb burst: * FPS: 453.3, Joules: 1.9, RPS: 17.79 Second 12 bb burst: * FPS: 443.4, Joules: 1.82, RPS: 17.2 Third 10 bb burst: * FPS: 421.2, Joules: 15.63, RPS 15.63 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extra: Dragon speed loader Very nice quality, really sturdy made, seems to be made of the same material the magazine shells are made from. Works like you'd expect any speed loader to work, and it works great. No complaints, looks pretty funny and feels comfortable to hold.ribbedforherpleasure
  2. 3vi1-D4n

    P90 HPA Rig

    From the album: Mods

    45 degree P90 HPA mod

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