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  1. In a thread on a post on one of the international Facebook groups (don't recall which) Phoenix Suzuki of Octagon Airsoft as said that they are looking to produce more using the same design, though some parts would most likely be plastic rather than metal to keep the cost down. Looks like the thread they replied to with that has been deleted or I just can't find it though
  2. Looks like WE is joining in on the Ruger game, weirdly though it looks like they’re sort of conversions for their hicapa, 1911 and glock models
  3. Here’s a screenshot from one of their pre-production videos in May. Magazine looks unique, I’m guessing they chose to use a unique mag rather than try to deal with the mag and bolt catch limitations you’d get using normal TM style mags. Blowback seems strong and everything locks properly, shoots pretty decently on auto too. Haven’t seen anything about it in the news forum here, but they announced it alongside an updated version of their BHP, hopefully the changes on that will be decent
  4. Anyone have suggestions for removing the pin which holds the hammer mechanism in place? I've been hitting both sides with a hammer and punch and haven't done much but slightly wear at the pin. I've got everything else removed but that pin Edit: And within a minute of me posting I managed to remove it
  5. Hey, just now realized theres a specific WWII thread. Here's my one of my Zeke aluminum P08 in their "champagne gold" color, stock is I think a Craft Apple Works stock holster. Other gun is my lovely Shoei MP44
  6. Still doing some tweaks and fine tuning, but here is my mostly finished WE base Prime/Iron Airsoft Remington R5. Upper is an Iron Airsoft WA based R5 set modified to fit the WE internals, the entire hopup collar assembly needed to be redesigned and 3D printed, getting them machined now. Lower is #10 out of the 100 MPL lowers Prime made for the WE system, only took a small bit of milking to fit the upper properly. Full parts list here: Upper: * Iron Airsoft R5 upper receiver (Cerekoted in Patriot Brown (needs to be redone sometime soon)) *Seek
  7. Here's my Western Arms/Prime Bob Chow 1.5 special. Last few photos are with my stock WA Bob Chow 1.5 special in Royal Blue
  8. Ken's Props makes a 3d printed T3, though that may not be what you're looking for.
  9. My pride and joy, Prime/WA SCW 3 SIG GSR. The trigger, magazine release, slide catch, thumb safety, grip safety, mainspring housing, and hammer are all Prime/Anvil made. The outer barrel, chamber, recoil assembly/recoil plug, and barrel bushing are all made by Gunsmith Ninja (Some translations show it as Ninjya, probably just Ninja.)Blowback unit is CP made machined aluminum. I don't recall if it's 7075 or 6061. Grips are genuine Ergo grips. Not sure on/can't recall the brand of body pins, grip screws, inner barrel/hop-up assembly. Fitment is a little too good, I can't seem to remove the re
  10. My friends WA Tussey custom. These were produced in one, very small batch with a uniquely machined barrel, comp, and recoil assembly.
  11. Reupload of the T3. WA Nighthawk T3 with some unknown brand of slide. 100% positive it isn't Prime, Edge, Sheriff, Zeke, or the other few companies which typically make WA slides. Recoil spring guide and other parts are unique to the slide, they aren't compatible with my other stock T3 slide.
  12. WA WWI commemorative Chateau Thierry
  13. Prime/WA brass Kimber SIS. All stock WA SIS parts.
  14. Here we go, just realized I can insert the photos without uploading, didn't notice the icon on mobile. Prime/WA brass SFA V10, all stock parts short of the steel outer barrel.
  15. Some old, the SFA Micro compact I just got finished earlier this year. This is a small portion of my collection. A fair amount of metal bodied kits, though I've got around 150 WA's. Lots, and lots, and lots of time browsing the Yahoo Japan auctions, and occasionally help from friends in Japan.
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