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Would it be possible to set things up so that PMs automatically get deleted after a month?

I notice that's what ebay does and it seems to work very well.


If we have the means, maybe you could have a tick-box to allow a message to be saved forever or a way to move them into the "saved messages" folder.


Just seems like it'd streamline the whole PMing thing a bit.

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It might not be a great idea to have that set as default, since its entirely possible that many members (especially new ones) wouldn't know, combine this with the seemingly recent increase in con artists, and you have some real problems E.G. someone joins, buys something off the forums, doesn't receive it and waits a week or two, we all know what parcelfarce are like, maybe his cheque took a few days to clear etc, or something, then posts asking for help and looks in his inbox for the evidence but the PM with the details in has vanished.


Alternatively you could just bin your old mail and stop being so nice that everyone wants to PM you :P .

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I have to second what Caz said, really. I find that having pms of longer than a month in age is a necessity if you wish to trade on the forums. Often it's your only way to track communications and prove what you said in PM when negotiating prices etc. Thankfully I've never had a problem yet, but it's common sense to not lose the only records you keep of a financial transaction.

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Whats the problem with them not being deleted? Arnie wouldn't have upped the capacity if he didn't think the site could handle it.

no biggie really. It'd just streamline things a bit.

It'd also clear out the inboxes of people who are away for a while and allow new messages to be sent.

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So we're saying that it's beyond the average Arnies user to tick a box to save a message if required?

IMO it would work better as an opt in system, not the default, as while the majority of users would know how it worked there would still be a significant number or new users or folk who didn't read the updates (there are still folk who don't know the rep system is gone for instance).


If someone's away for a month clearing out their inbox starting from the oldest messages would cause problems too, say for instance person X posts a thread selling an AEG, and person Y pms them an offer, unfortunately X gets stuck working on a boat for 12 weeks when they thought they were only on for 3, and goes on a cruise for a few weeks and comes back to find a lower offer from person Z posted in the thread days/weeks after, but Y's has been deleted. X accepts or is discussing terms with Z when along comes Y to reiterate his earlier, higher, offer, X continues with Z's offer and Y gets cranky cos he feels ignored, or he takes Y's offer and Z throws a hissy fit about gazumping, and reports it to the mods, who are stuck between a rock and a hard place due to there being nothing to show either way (although as a sales mod its you that it makes more work for so you've probably thought about that ).


It works for Ebay because they're a site dedicated to sales, so they have a record of offers separate from the messaging system, yes there are the classified up in the corner here which is essentially the same thing, but it would seem, just from the volume of items posted for sale and number of completed sales, folks prefer to use the old sales forums.

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