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Dytac's 100% Authentic Multicam Parts

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Dynamic Tactical Multicam Parts Review


This is the second in a series of reviews on parts coated in Crye Precision’s Multicam Hydrographic Film. This time we bring you parts coated and sold by a new company on the market called Dynamic Tactical.


Currently Dynamic Tactical has only 3 products available at the moment, but looking at their website it seems they are gearing up to produce a lot more. The 3 products are their IBH Helmet, Vertical fore grip and finally their M16/M4 magazines.




Now straight away I have to say the quality of the process is excellent and the team at DyTac (Dynamic Tactical) has really though about seam lines and placement of the camouflage.


So let’s take a look at the products.


IBH Helmet In Multicam Watertransfer Printing


The IBH helmet (The Integrated Ballistic Helmet) is a replica of the model made by ILC Dover and comes in its own cloth protection bag for shipping and transporting.




Now I have to say that I wasn’t too keen on the whole “Skate style” helmets as I have a love hate relationship with the British Mk. 6 helmet, I really feel that if it is going to offer me some sort of protection to my head I need to feel it, yet something that also isn’t going to compress my spine a few inches after a day of skirmishing!


The front of the helmet offers a huge field of vision and I didn’t find any of my field of view was affected like some other brands of helmets which can drastically affect your peripheral vision. The other feature worth noting is that due to the large open area at the front you will be able to use a wide range of goggles. I tested it with both ESS and Oakley goggles.






It also comes standard with the attachment for night vision equipment which will allow you to mount the real thing on or if you can’t afford such luxuries then it still adds that Special Forces look to your load out.




The side of the helmet is designed to allow the operator the use of pretty much any style of communication equipment, again with a huge opening allowing the operator the choice of his or her preferred comms. I currently use the Degruv Frogman and in no way did I feel hampered or squashed.






The back of the IBH Helmet covers all the way down to the base of the cranium; this doesn’t dig in to the base of the skull in the prone position like some helmets. Again the helmet comes with the goggle straps as standard so the operator will have no problem attaching a pair of combat goggles from the moment they receive this product.






The inserts on the inner side for padding are mediocre and for players with a smaller head will probably require larger inserts and padding, I found that they only just offered enough height for the helmet to sit properly and a few spares would have been perfect.



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The strap system isn’t the best out there either and it took me a good 30 minutes to get everything adjusted properly and seated just right. I actually had to raise the part of the straps that attaches to the helmet by another 2cm on all four contact points.


I did this by melting new holes in the straps and then reattaching them to the helmet.




The straps are also designed not to interfere with any communications device allowing the straps to be routed around the ear pieces and also any boon microphones that the operator might use.




The Crye Multicam coating is awesome and it’s the real reason why anyone would purchase this product. Dytac has used one sheet to cover the entire surface in one go allowing the helmet to be covered without any seams or join lines.




Now the Dytac helmet is not ballistic rated in anyway, yes it will stop a ball bearing but there is no way this is going to stop a real munitions.


Out on the skirmish field though it will offer protection from knocks bumps and possibly a fall but unless it is professionally certified to offer protection I will not be putting my life in its hands. Although the only protection you would need on a skirmish field is from concussion and the Dytac IBH will certainly offer protection there.




Score and Conclusion


I would have to give the Dytac IBH helmet an 8/10. The coating is perfect with no blemishes or blistering sometimes seen on hydrographic filmed parts. The price for the item makes this item very obtainable.


The extra features such as the Night vision mounts and goggle strap mounts are a nice touch but the strap system really lets this product down although with a little work you’re good to go although it’s a shame they chose black rather than Tan or OD green.




• 100% real authentic Crye Precision’s Multicam Hydrographic Film

• Excellent price

• High quality replica of the IBH Shell

• Compatible with majority of real or replica military communication gear

• Wide field of vision

• Comes with cloth protection bag.

• Little extras as standard




• Chin and adjustment straps need working on to fit perfectly.

• Quality of the straps is below standard on the other features of this replica.

• Colour of straps could have been a different colour.


At the end of the day the helmets we wear are for looks and moderate protection from concussion or blows from low objects and the Dytac IBH is able to offer that level of protection.


More importantly it is a very good replica and with its 100% real authentic Crye Precision’s Multicam Hydrographic Film coating you are looking at something which not only operates well but looks amazing.


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Vertical Tac-Grip in Multicam


Now with more and more equipment getting attached to your rifle the need for faster response in getting the rifle to the firing position a vertical tactical grip is worth getting especially for players in a CQB environment.




DyTac’s vertical tac-grip is not unique in any way apart from the colour. The quick release mechanism that allows the operator to release the grip by pulling down on the two latches located either side of the grip making adjustments or removal of the grip easy, although the first few times is a little fiddly.




The latches are loaded from behind by a spring plate located underneath them that offers long lasting tension against the latches.




The vertical tactical grip also features a removable panel for a pressure switch for either a laser or combat light, along with the o-ring sealed compartment for storage of 3 CR123A Batteries.




The ergonomics of this grip are extremely comfortable and doesn’t feel too big in the hand like some grips do.


The coating of the Dytac fore grip is excellent and again Dynamite Tactical has coated this product so that the Multicam pattern flows across the unit in the correct way. I found the placement of the branding rather obvious and pretty good.




The tactical fore grip is designed to be used with any 20mm rail system and will fit both Airsoft replicas as well as real steel rifles. Take note though if you are attaching the fore grip to a rail that has also undergone the hydrographic filming process the fitting will be incredibly tight, as I found out.






Score and Conclusion


It’s a tactical fore grip, it might not be your thing, it might be just the shape you love so when and item functions fully and exactly how it was designed to do how do I score something that factors solely on opinion? So as I like the feel of this style of grip and prefer it over that of the pistol style grips I’m going to give this Item 10/10.




• 100% real authentic Crye Precision’s Multicam Hydrographic Film

• Excellent price

• It’s a tactical fore grip




• Not as fancy as other vertical fore grips on the market.

• Adjustment latches are very stiff and hard to manipulate to begin with.


At the end of the day the design is very basic compared to some of the Hogue or other branded vertical fore grips on the market, but to be honest having used those types I have reverted back to the simple style stick type fore grip and just like any other grip it all comes down to the operators preferred choice.



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M4 Midcap (120rds) Magazine


The final product I will be reviewing is the DyTac M4 magazine, currently the only Multicam coated M4 magazine on the market. Dytac sell these in single, 5 pack or 10 packs.




Now straight away these are aimed more at the Milsim style player as these are only able to hold 120 BB’s. The other thing that was slightly disappointing is that they are made from ABS plastic, so anyone wanting to modify these to take the high capacity internals is out of luck.




Although don’t be put off, these are extremely high quality. The feeding nozzle has the release switch that allows the operator to release all the BB’s. Perfect for when you have finished a hard day of skirmishing have some full magazines and need to empty them.



If you are havening issue with misfiring in high speed gear boxes you can actually go in and replace the spring with a higher tension spring, normally alleviate the problem. To get to the spring you will need to twist off the spring housing cap.






This will then allow you access to the spring and also the nub that pushes the BB’s up the feeding tube. When reassembling the spring assembly I found it wise to touch a dab of super glue to the cap to prevent it from rotating during use. Thus preventing any unwanted ejection of the spring out of the bottom of the magazine.






When inserting the magazine into the mag well of several brands and styles of M16/M4’s and even L85’s and M249’s I found that the magazine was universally fitting very tightly and had no wobble issues.




One of the nice features of the DyTac magazines is that fact that you actually get 120 shot’s from them rather than the infamous negative 5 count due to short nubs. So players that actually keep track of expended rounds will be able to gauge ammo usage down to the “dead man’s click”.


The defining feature of these magazines, as you can guess is the fact that they are coated in 100% real authentic Crye Precision’s Multicam Hydrographic Film and that is the clincher for those out their looking to complete their Multicam look.







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Now although the hydrographic film process is tough, magazine are inherently going to take the most amount of abuse out of all your kit.


Double stacking, quick changes, wear and tear as you slap it in the mag-well, bouncing around in dump pouches, thrown to team mates who need ammo and general wear and tear of transporting to games and back.


So players out there who care about pristine and perfect paint jobs beware! This coating is not indestructible and will wear off. As for me, well all the better as I want my weapon to look like it’s had a few good years of active combat.




Score and Conclusion


The only fault I have with this item is that they are plastic; I have never been a big fan of the plastic mid-capacity magazines, although this was only my opinion as I had never actually owned any and had only picked them up in stores to play with.


I must say though that I am very impressed with the Dytac midcaps and the quality and build of them is of a very high standard. The coating is also excellent with a good variety between the magazines in pattern and colours.


The Dytac had no know feeding issues, even with high rate of fire weapons such as the M249 in my collection. So with all that In mind I have given the Dytac Magazines a score of 8/10




• 100% real authentic Crye Precision’s Multicam Hydrographic Film

• Excellent price for 5 packs or 10 packs.

• Perfect for Mil-sim

• High quality coating

• Correct flow of pattern




• Plastic magazines

• Only available in 120 round Mid-cap version.


I would like to thank the team at www.dytac.com for supplying us with these samples.

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Excellent review FarEast! May I also echo the same sentiments to anyone else curious about these products. I have them myself and they are awesome!



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