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Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle .50 AE Hard Kick GBB revi

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Can you read? i said in my last post its metal plated i didnt say the slide was metal you prat, i said it has a slight steel mixture to the zinc thats why its a different shade, i own two of these tokyo mauri desert eagles and use them regulaly, as i have done for over 2 years now.

and i dont think 4 years of running an airsoft shop and 3 years on skirmishing holidays around the glode counts as a newbie kidder.

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Hey all, I am a total n00b here. I just bought this gun and it's my second pistol gas powered pistol. I'm having a problem with it though. When I first tried to fill it with gas I lost a lot of gas in the process. Upon investigation and comparison, I noticed that it does not have a rubber seal at the bottom of the fill valve like my other gas powered pistol. I checked my extra clip that I bought with it and noticed that it's the same. Is this correct?




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to those who are still wondering for mag efficiency,i thought this may help:

I've forgotten what it was like when my can of gas was full, but I'm pretty sure that a full charge of gas (using the APOH.tk Mag Seals and Abbey Ultra) lasted me roughly 3 mags worth. That's quite a large efficency ratio for such a strong blowback.


here's the link ^^ http://www.apoh.net/reviews/57/TM_de_hk_blk.html


by the way,i'm new here so,nice to meet u all


oh and shao14,your review has succesfully made me rethink,whether to buy this or Kart M14 EBR.....T_T.....


any suggestions?

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