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Rechargeable Batteries

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I got 3 of them at batterystation.com for my Peak LED Solutions 3W Luxeon LED flashlight.


Charger is 15 bucks, the batteries are like 4 bucks a piece. They also have a internal circuit that cuts out at 2V, so expect your runtime to dive. But it's worth it. (All made in china -.-)

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Blah.. Expensive..


Is there a charger than can charge 3+ at a time?


And wont voltage be a problem? The batteries at 3.6v so 3 of them will be 10.8 going 1.8v over the actual amount..


Lighthound's Solution:

You can use 2 17500 batteries in that light. Unprotected will work fine. You should buy one of the 1.6mm magnetic spacers to put between the batteries to ensure conductivity.



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