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  1. Yea I read on Evike that the SCARs have no trades... I guess the only way to get trades is from HK
  2. ESP EC-1000 See Through Black Cherry
  3. :/ The scratches on the rails are probably from the covers..
  4. :/ WCF: It may be possible if you have a press... I know some Youtube video had some guy who converted live 8mm rounds for a RS Kar98K to hold an 8mm BB instead of the lead stuff ( I dont know the term..)
  5. I find the uber big scopes to be useless in game so I dont have one.. And I dont want to buy one just for pictures..
  6. o.O Mines bigger.. I think. Im too cheap to buy a Harris bipod.. And Im about to fix my gun finally! Im buying a new gearbox..
  7. Recently coming back from a failed upgrade/repair. Its been in repair for months
  8. Would that be a pelican case? If so, I hate you...
  9. SlvrDragon50

    1K club

    Dude.. My gun looks just like that except i have an ICS receiver and a G&P AP and a different silencer.. poo
  10. Wow.. definitely the weapon of choice!
  11. How did you recognize the bipod? btw... I think i just broke my gun.. x.x It stopped shooting.. or its a dead battery.
  12. I know better bipod.. I just didnt have the money at the time.. How did you recognize it?
  13. Externals G&P M4 FF RAS Long G&P Aimpoint TM M16A2 Stock modified to fit ICS M4 King Arms Silencer Mad Bull RAS Fix Internals Guarder SP110 Guarder Bushings Guarder Tappet Plate Guarder Piston Guarder pIston head Systema Cylinder Head Guarder Cylinder Madbull 509mm TB Systema Hop Up Assembly IB 3800 mah 9.6v Battery
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