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Supercell Dev. - Asc7 Airsoft Claymore Mine

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Manufacturer: Supercell Development Incorportated


Model: ASC7


Weight: Aprox. 2 pounds


Dimensions: 8 1/2" L x 2" W x 3 3/4" H


Ammunition: any bad, cheap, or messed up bb's you have. As well as powdered sugar, flour, or baby powder, etc.


Method of propulsion: spring powered, that's right, no gas.


Capacity: At least 150-200 bb's


Places to purchase: Trinity Airsoft ($195.95, w/ wireless remote) and Airsoft Extreme ($145 wireless remote separate), are the 2 most popular.




This mine was lent to our team for evaluation purposes. When I first saw it, I'll admit that I was impressed. It looked really tough. I couldn't wait to get home and test it out.


Build materials and appearance:


The outside body of the mine is made of injection molded hard polymer. The internals, or guts if you perfer, are made of metal, mostly steel from the looks of it. The red flap in the mine that holds the bb's, that's made of some tough fabric. There are also metal stakes on the bottom of the mine, used for staking it upright in the ground.


Durability doesn't seem to be an issue. I wouldn't want to drop it on the cement or anything, but it hitting the dirt a few times probably won't hurt it.



The pouch that it comes in.



The back side of the pouch.



The mine, next to a 1200mah mini battery for size comparison.



Frontal view of the mine, in the ground, using the built in stakes on the bottom.



Side view




Setting it up for use:

This mine is incredibly easy to figure out. There's a video below, (last picture, click on it) but I will also describe it , using still shots, for those of you who have slow internet connections.

(Additional Video's are available on Supercell's website)




Okay now, this is what it looks like when it's open. It looks pretty simple.



Now, to close it, you have to push the 2 sides of the cloth together, and then down. It's surprising hard to do, as the springs are very tight. But after you've done it a few times, you get used to it. Once you have the flap compressed, pull the lid down.



The black latch holds the lid down, and the smaller latch, with the whole in it, holds the black latch in place. The pin goes through the hole to keep it from going off prematurely. :a-grin:



The electronic trigger comes with a rather long cord, with the trigger being on the end. It plugs into the front of the mine. You have the choice of using this, a tripwire, or a remote (don't have a remote).


Connected, and almost ready to go. Only 2 things left to do, put bb's in it, and pull the pin. You load bb's, using a speedloader, into the top of the mine. See that little hole there? You can load as many as you want, probably not much more than 200, though I only use 100 or so.



Click on the above picture for the demonstration video.






For the first test, I put on a full face mask, and stepped about 10ft in front of the mine. I loaded approximately 70 bb's into it. I had my little brother pull the trigger. When he pulled the trigger, I saw a line of at least 5 bb's coming straight for my face. 3 impacted, at least 5 more hit me on other parts of my body. Just for the record, it doesn't hurt, you know it hit you, but it doesn't hurt.


2nd time, same amount of bb's, except this time, I watched where they went. They had a nice spread, and the max distance they went was about 25 feet. I'd say that anything under 15 feet, and about 4 feet wide, was dead.


Best range I got, was about 25 feet, over several more tests. I'd call effective range about 15 feet.




I have yet to use this in a game, though I will on Sunday. But I can see several uses for it. Setting up mechanical ambushes with a tripwire, using it to guard an objective flank cover for a sniper, and all sorts of cool ideas. Multiple uses in 1 game are possible, you just have to have at least 1 speedloader with the bb's you're putting in it. It only takes about a minute to reload.


When I use it on Sunday, I'll edit this and report how we used it.




This is a pretty expensive investment. But if you play a lot, then it's also a great investment! Heck, 3 or 4 of these, and a cqb course is basically locked down. Booby traps add a whole new element to the game.


I think that they're totally worth it. I'm planning on getting 1 for myself, that is, after they make me (sigh), return this one.


Found in original context, here.

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