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Why are all the threads being locked?

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Why are all the threads being locked and new ones made?

Back in the day, it was forum policy to lock picture threads that were over 100 pages. This policy is being reinstated.


Why isn't [insert Thread Name Here] locked? It's over 100 pages.

I'm waiting for someone to post a reasonably good picture with little/no questions posted about it. Why? See below.


Huh? I didn't start a new [insert Thread Name Here], why does it say I did?

I've moved your picture from the end of the last thread into the new one. Because you made this post before I made the topic starting one it becomes the new first post and you, a user of the previous thread, rather than me, become the topic creator. How nice of me.


What's the point in locking the old threads? Newbs will just come and post the same questions that were answered in the previous one.

If you look through any of the old threads you will find the same questions being answered over and over. Shorter threads encourage both new and old members to take the time to read through them to find the answers they want.



Any more questions then feel free to PM me.

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