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ACM M500 Black 6mm, disappointing

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Just a fast 'impression' after having the ACM M500 6mm for a week now:


-many many blank shots

-the BBs in one of the loadingtubes don't get loaded for a reason not discovered by me yet

-there is definatly NO hopup in my M500, not even a fixed one.

-the manual is an exact copy of the Marushin one, the exploded view shows a different gun (hopup and other differences)

-the black paint is applied very thin


I didn't manage to open the internals yet (I'm hoping to find some disassembly guide soon).

I did manage to remove the outer barrel and loading tubes (just remove 2 allen keys found on outer barrel where it touches receiver).

I cleaned / lubed / dried the loading mech; no difference.

After removing the outer barrel it's very easy to see the exploded view is different froma the actual gun.


So to be short: I don't like it really. But hey, buying ACM is looking for trouble ;-)


By the way, the "screw" some people talk about (behind the ejection plate) is part of the 'rotary magazine' inside the gun. Seems to rotate (and should take 3 BBs after that), then re-sets itself so the BBs are in the 'gas-chambre" ready to be fired.

I would like to have a closer look at that rotating magazine but as said before, didn't manage to get to it yet.

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