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TM Sig P226 Project with guarder & VFC kit


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Im selling this as an unfinished project as I have no idea about Sigs.


This project doesnt include a mag as its sold.




This was my fisrt effort at rehoming a sig, but the frame needs some handywork so the slide fits, think the slide lock needs filing and also the magwell needs filing inside.

These are the photos of where the slide stops when the slide lock is in the locked position.




It has the following after market parts included.

Guarder Railed frame (mint condition)

VFC outer barrel with silencer adapter.

Guarder recoil guide & spring


Im asking for £90 posted for the non functioning project. I will include the original ABS frame. The aftermarket parts alone are worth alot more.


I may include a VFC Silencer for an extra cost.





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