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Posting Guidelines - Problems with sales online Section


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1) This section is NOT to ask the reputation of an individual or retailer before purchasing. Only post if you have in fact had a problem with a transaction.


2) Please post the following information when you start a new thread in this section:

  • Link to the transaction on Arnie's (Please note, there's nothing we can do about transactions originated on other websites
  • User name of Arnie's Member
  • Details of transaction. Please be as detailed as possible on what the transaction was for and dates actions took place. Please omit personal names, telephone numbers, addresses etc.

3) Purchases made here are made at your own risk. It is not Staff responsibility to ban / suspend / take other disciplinary action against individuals, although we may do so in order to prevent further deception / defrauding of our members. Please note that the For Sale Forum Rules have put in place an 'Unreliable Seller' tag for questionable users, as a warning to those contemplating transactions with members that have a chequered past. Please follow the rules to utilize warning tags if needed.


4) When reporting problems with commercial/retailers, please first look to see if there's an existing post and add to it. If not, feel free to post details of your problem transaction in a new thread. Details of dates and actions are appreciated. Keep in mind, when dealing with international retailers, there is some patience needed and in alot of cases the buyer needs to understand the retailers selling rules. many problems with international retailers are simply communication errors.


5) Let the Mods do their Jobs! If you feel someone is being nasty on either end, rather then feeding into the thread, PM one of the mods. Do not try and Mod the thread yourself with warnings, admonitions, etc. This is the #1 cause of flame-fests.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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