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  1. It does NOT show the PDR as an ARES product. A banner will pop up when viewing various manufacturers though, and 1 of the banners if for the PTS PDR. The banners rotate from different manufacturers products. I see no claim on ehobby's site that the PTS PDR has anything to do with ARES. And if ehobby's made an error with this type of claim, it doesn't means it's correct. Retail websites are full of inaccurate info for any number of reasons. To base fact is on any retailers info is a bit naïve. Next time a screenshot will be sufficient, no need for convoluted instruction to try and repl
  2. Where does it say this is a "ares Hong Kong" product in reference to the PTS PDR on ehobbyasia.com?
  3. Birthday 'greetz!


  4. UDE looks great. Nice setup as always USCM.
  5. Thanks guys and congrats to the Misfit and Moocow!
  6. Well my Real PMAG Ranger Plates fit on the PTS PMAGs... Performance wise, we had an event today on Camp Pendleton. I had a handful of PTS PMAGs I let a few peopel use. Multiple M4's of various bodies and internals had not fit or feeding problems with the PTS PMAGs. All SCAR's had no issues with the PMAGs. 1 older CA M15 did have some feeding issues though, but it was having feedng issues with other mags as well.
  7. PMAG Ranger plates have been available for a little over a month at real steel shops and Magpul direct. 3packs run $14.95. http://www.magpul.com/catalog/index.php?ma...products_id=281 Just to footnote this all, the PTS PMAGs will be tested thouroughly this weekend. I've only fitted and fed as quickly as I could in the few hours I've had free since bringing them home. Will post performance data at the end of the weekend.
  8. Not stupid, and just confirmed. Yes on the VFC SCAR-L.
  9. Sorry Burke, I and AEX are ICS-less. You may want to fire off an email request to Airsoft GI. They should have both in stock.
  10. Oohrah. I'll be on a 4th team try this pic Weird... Hopefully that covers all the sides you were looking for.
  11. Click the last link. high res links to all pics there. Not yet AK. I'll be bringing these up on Saturday, so you can run around with them if you want Will post more when I find out for sure though.
  12. Magpul PTS - PMAG 120 Round Midcap Magazine The Magpul PTS - PMAG is a 120 round midcap magazine, modeled after Magpul's 30 round PMAG for Armalite style rifles. Magpul PTS - PMAG Bottom Plate The PMAG has an allen screw as well as a spring loaded button, which keeps the floor plate secure. I originally thought the allen screw also kept the magazine internals in place, but fortunately it doesn't which accommodates the use of Real Steel PMAG Ranger Plates. Magpul PTS - PMAG Upper There is a pin, just below the feeder mechanism. I believe that this pin is what is s
  13. Yeah USCM's Vltor setup was a big hit at AEX when it was there for a while. Everyone LOVES that setup Actually... we pretty much love all of USCM's guns he brings in.
  14. yes, plastic body on the EGLM had some prominent seams and no detailing on the magazine well. I don't think the upper is anodized on the black version or it's a cheap ano, not a hard ano finish. The loose lower rail, combined with "sticky" action of the EGLM to open and close didn't help the "feel" of the entire AEG with Launcher attached. I'm sure most of those issues could be fixed though. Wasn't the best first impression.
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