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News, views and reviews on "STRIKE-HOLD!"

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Things are really taking off at Strike-Hold! since the site began back in September 2008...


Highlights over the past couple of months include:

* an in-the-field look at the PenCott camouflage / Pioneer uniform from Hyde Definition

* a review of Osprey's book about operations against Afghan mountain cave and tunnel complexes

* a report on the latest tactical gear that was on show at IWA 2009

* an in-depth look at the new Singaporean digital camouflage uniforms

* articles on the Swedish M90 and Chinese "Tibet-tarn" camos

* a series of up-close looks at Iraqi special operations training

* all the latest on anti-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden

* reviews of Arena Flakjak goggles and Madbull's Gemtech HALO silencer

* spotlights on Tac-Up Gear's "Nomad jacket and "Expedition" BDUs

* a spotlight on the TYR combat vest from BE-X

* news about US SOCOM's new camo patterns for uniforms and gear

* news about the US Army's new Combat Pants

* a look at the brand new Jordanian anti-terror / spec ops centre

* plus a whole lot more - and our new logo (which will also be available as tactical patches)








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