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  1. This might not be strictly "on topic", but it is related.... http://strikehold.wordpress.com/2009/03/07...ch-competition/
  2. Its the Chinese Type 03 Highland camo - aka, Tibettarn. I bought the fabric from a contact in China, and the suit was made by Felix Tactik in Quebec (www.felixtactik.com). I think he's getting some more material in to do another run.
  3. Lookin' good Gadge. Third guy saluting is over-acting a bit though. ;-)
  4. We did also have a nice cold snap here in Buckinghamshire last month, which gave us the phenonemon of freezing fog:
  5. Well, we don't often get snow here in the UK that sticks around long enough to go airsofting in it (at least in the central and southern reaches of the country). But if you want truly *suitcasey* weather for airsofting, just go to Wales. Every time I've been there its absolutely ###### it down. Here's a couple of shots from Phoenix Rising II to make the point:
  6. Thanks Mig. I agree! ------------------------------ By the way guys - I've finished and posted my short review of the TSI magwell adapter and the King Arms magazines: http://strikehold.wordpress.com/2009/01/18...rt-2-magazines/
  7. Guys - took my baby skirmishing yesterday (in sub-zero temperatures and occassional snow fall), and I'm very happy to report that the King Arms mag worked absolutely fine! No feeding problems AT ALL.
  8. Not yet - I'm away for the holidays at my in-laws now. So won't get a chance to test that until I'm back home at the beginning of January.
  9. Good news guys - the KA magazines DO fit the TSI Galil. I haven't yet had a chance to take it out for a test shoot, so I can't report on the feeding reliability, but the mags do fit! They are a bit of a snug fit though - especially at the rear corners (as you can see in the pic below). But that's nothing that a bit of filing won't solve.
  10. Never heard of SOPMOD AK's, Krebs, Tromix, Valmet, Galil, etc., etc., etc., then eh? Thing is - I do like the AK; but the stocks on them suck.
  11. This has probably been answered a hundred times before - so sorry for repeating - but: If you want to put an FN-style side-folding or CAR15-style sliding stock on an AK, do you need to start with a solid stock type or a folding stock type?
  12. Anyone had a chance to test, or find out, if any of the airsoft Galil mags on the market work in the TSI series? I know the Russian Mania Workshop hi-caps do - but they're high caps, and they don't look 100% right... P.S. The only other thing I've found is the Avalon/VFC hi-cap Galil mags: http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?i...ALIL_srch_galil The Action made Micro Galil kits come with a nice-looking synthetic-material style mag, but I haven't seen anybody selling just the mag on it own....
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