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Evening all,


Has anyone played at Airsoft Edinburgh? I'm getting back into the sport after 5 years absence and have moved to Dundee from the Midlands (albeit only until 2012 thank God!) and I thin the nearest site to me is Airsoft Edinburgh.


Just wondered what peoples thoughts were etc on the site.


Looking forward to seeing what you all think.



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They had a lot of trouble with the local council and the site has now closed down.


Your best bets are The Hill in dundee and Landwarrior in Edinburgh :)



Yeah the closest site would be the Hill. Focuses more on WW2 and WW1 days than modern but the occasional modern day does come round.


Would also recomend both Landwarrior and NCIS airsoft, both cracking sites and ran brilliantly. Bit of a journey but worth it.

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