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Sawfly Review by Crazy NC Man

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Check out this video review of the Revision Sawfly Military Eyewear System by Crazy NC Man and let us know what you think of the Sawfly.




Crazy NC Man is the largest US Airsoft gun and gear review channel on YouTube and you can check out more of his videos here: Crazy NC Man Airsoft Gun and Gear Reviews

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Thanks for your post LeeBristolAirsoft. We're very proud of the Sawfly here at Revision. We just recently made some changes to the Sawfly's design so that it's even more comfortable and provides even greater protection.

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One question though, what differs between these and ESS ICE, apart from ESS ICE being much cheaper?


Hey LeeBristolAirsoft –


While we can't speak for the ESS ICE, we're certain that our Sawfly Military Eyewear System (http://bit.ly/pPAGL) would be a good fit for you. We strive to make the best eyewear in the world and we're confident that you'd be happy with our Sawfly system. As we said before, we recently redesigned the Sawfly to improve its comfort and function. Here are some of the changes we made:


  • The Sawfly nosepiece was reengineered for enhanced comfort, retention, and durability
  • The lenses have been extended to provide full side impact protection without compromising their airflow or anti-fog performance
  • The longer and leaner arms make the Sawfly more comfortable and easy to use with hearing protection
  • The new retention system snaps securely in the back providing increased stability

On top of all of these improvements, the Sawfly Military Eyewear System still exceeds both the ANSI and MIL-PRF standards and is on the U.S. Army's APEL list.


You can also check out the Sawfly's shotgun test here:




Don't forget, if you order from our online store you can use your exclusive Arnies Airsoft member discount to receive up to 30% off MSRP on up to 5 items. Just enter "ARNIE" into the discount code field during checkout to receive the discount.

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Looks epic!


Ever though of marketing to japan?


Hey vorpalbunnie -


Thanks for your comment. We're glad to hear you like the Sawfly.


Revision is an international company and we have dealers and distributors all around the world. Here is the contact information for our dealer that is located in Japan:


AeroPartners Inc.

Koamicho General Bldg 18-3

Nihonbashi Koamicho

Chuo-ku, Tok,

103-0016 Japan


Contact: Mr. Hikaru Mizuno

E-mail: h.mizuno@AeroPartners.co.jp


Also, our Asian Locust Goggle System is specifically designed to fit the Asian facial profile. We have a few different kits of the Asian Locust available. We have the Asian Locust Essential Kit, which is available in both black and foliage green and includes interchangeable clear and smoke lenses. The other kit is the Asian Locust Fan Goggle System which comes equipped with a tri-speed silent exhausting fan, which provides superior fog protection in extreme tempartures. Check out all of the Asian Locust gear here: http://www.revisionmilitary.com/asianlocust.html

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I got some issued prior to my deployment. I like them, they're quite comfortable to wear for long periods, and don't seem to distort my vision, and give pretty good protection from the sun (luckily they haven't had to protect me from anything else!).

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