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  1. Pistol_Dude

    1911 Picture Thread

    Those are very nice indeed. I may have to invest.
  2. Nice review! I'm tempted to buy one now, despite the problems. Edit: I can't see the photos on the other site without creating a profile and logging in.
  3. Pistol_Dude

    TaiwanGun Poland

    Excellent! Thanks for the help guys!
  4. Pistol_Dude

    TaiwanGun Poland

    Quick question on both TaiwanGun and Gunfire; do they use a courier service or the normal postal service? The Danish postal service refuses to have anything to do with anything remotely gun related, and returns everything to the sender.
  5. Pistol_Dude

    1911 Picture Thread

    There are some really gorgeous 1911s in this thread! I'll have to buy myself one.
  6. Pistol_Dude

    Videos Thread !

    Real steel, but very slick drills, and a very nicely produced video. Good tune too! Another one from the same uploader, just as good as the first one. Different genre of music to the first one, but it fits really well.

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