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My name is Didier

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Hello there

I am Didier from Reunion Island, a French overseas territory, next to Mauritius.

I own 3 AEG's. My main one is a TM AK beta spetsnaz or at least it used to be one. I have modded it a bit as you may see underneath. ;)



I also a JG G36C and an JG AK-47 (can't remember what it's called. It's that spetsnaz type with a folding stock)

I have 2 GBB's, a KSC G26C and a TM Hi-Capa Xtreme.45 (and he is a fun chap to be around).

I love going round the long way and turn up behind opponents when they least expect it. My equipment is practical and sensible. I not pretty, I efficient. I believe in good boots, good gloves, good face protection above good replicas.

The most important thing is to be mobile. I don't care if you cheat. That'll give me the chance to shoot you again but I just can't stand it when people just hide in a bush and wait for other more active players to walk past

I am coming to the UK for Christmas and I will be looking into buying a Jing Gong BAR-10 g-spec. Anyone knows where to find one that can be delivered to the UK before 14th January 2012?

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You'd have to demonstrate a players defence to purchase. All UK stores I can think of require you to be UKARA registered. You'd probably be better off to order form overseas and have it delivered home.

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OK then, I will not buy in the UK though I will not have it delivered at home either. We do have to pay a shocking 40% tax on airsoft on my island.

Bladerunner168> I had to google your stuff. Never heard of it. I think you're facing a common misconception. I'm not from Mauritius. Reunion is close to it but is part of France. French is the official language. A lot more interesting than Mauritius too.

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