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  1. Make: TM Gun/Model: HK416 Delta Accessories: See description Condition: Used, very good FPS: 336 with 0.2g BB's Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No Price/Payment: £650 inc postage and fees Pictures: Modifications: Gate Titan NGRS Advance Mosfet Prommy gears Prommy bearings Prommy 275.5mm 6.03 inner barrel Prommy hop rubber Prommy hop nub Magpul trigger guard Laylax flat trigger Deans connection Replica Magpul CTR stock and butt pad for lipo battery All work done by Wolf Armouries, Jan 2019. See picture for proof and details. Comes with ori
  2. Make: TM Gun/Model: Recce/AR15 Accessories: see description Condition: used FPS: 336 with 0.2g BB's Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No Price/Payment: £400 inc postage and fee Fully working, custom TM AR15 NGRS, all you need is a CTR stock. Used but not abused. Comes with original box. Started of as TM Recce rifle in tan (this is not painted). Modifications: Prommy - gears, shims, piston head, 300mm 6.03 inner barrel BTC FET V2 for TM NGRS Firefly hop bucking and nub Nomad Arms TM flat trigger in bronze Dytac 12" outer barrel Airsoft Artisan S
  3. It's amazing how shiny "Tan/FDE" can become.....
  4. Almost new condition, I'm the only owner, used once at a night game. I have installed a FMA replica of the Wilcox MP7 rail. Comes with 6 mags and two suppressors, all with correct trades. Also comes with original box. Shoots 336FPS with 0.2g BB's Price is £360 inc postage and fees.
  5. Inspired by my brief adventures in Tarkov.
  6. Used twice in skrimishing, very good condition. Comes with three mags. £130 inc postage and fees.
  7. Used a few twice in skrimishing, very good condition. Comes with 3 leak free mags and plastic case. Filed off the ugly ASG trades. £130 inc postage and fees.
  8. All brand new, all fully working, all with trades. 2 UHP models - £40 each inc postage and fees 2 LAM models - £40 for boxed one, £35 for unboxed one, inc postage and fees WMX200 - £50 inc postage and fees
  9. I agree, 100% on the outside but......
  10. No, pre built by Red Wolf, it was ridiculously expensive originally but I was in HK last month and there was a sale in Bang Bang so I treated myself. Not worth the price in my opinion, for example, the recoil spring was still stock. https://www.bangbang.com.hk/collections/rwa-airsoft-surgeon/products/rwa-nighthawk-custom-agent-1
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