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  1. I live in Hong Kong now and the all the Airsoft shops are still open for business as per normal.
  2. Nova kit, Statement Defense
  3. Well, the P's grip safety doesn't actually work but it's not quite sloppy flips out though.
  4. https://lfj.com.tw/shop/c1-爆閃-雷射-戰術槍燈-電筒-黑色-c1-bk/?fbclid=IwAR0EtH1uBoETnBmCJl3DG2j77i95HQ6fqUF0MES5AX2nt55f5ZftIgcbWNk https://www.ruten.com.tw/item/show?22121726509759&fbclid=IwAR0uM-aYh2U4G0-lLTmOyp5TV6UMRSMZHRGeBiHhcHrPiz0KMRGwFt3fdgs https://lfj.com.tw/shop/c1-爆閃-雷射-戰術槍燈-電筒-沙色-c1-de/?fbclid=IwAR0S0WhiKMLZVW1pdNx1BJgasDxUoIkqCBKnoc_oERORY__ql0DMc6bukZc https://www.ruten.com.tw/item/show?22121726421415&fbclid=IwAR3tDOKmTEfgYJ8nYfLYy6s7MsCy1XHJEtd6g-ye8mucN_M1tg1sZa3lBnc 3,150 Taiwan $'s so around: USD - 113 EUR - 96 GBP - 82
  5. @RacingManiac Can only see the first two pictures, the others aren't displaying. Super keen to see your build, thanks!
  6. It's amazing how shiny "Tan/FDE" can become.....
  7. Almost new condition, I'm the only owner, used once at a night game. I have installed a FMA replica of the Wilcox MP7 rail. Comes with 6 mags and two suppressors, all with correct trades. Also comes with original box. Shoots 336FPS with 0.2g BB's Price is £360 inc postage and fees.
  8. Inspired by my brief adventures in Tarkov.
  9. I agree, 100% on the outside but......
  10. No, pre built by Red Wolf, it was ridiculously expensive originally but I was in HK last month and there was a sale in Bang Bang so I treated myself. Not worth the price in my opinion, for example, the recoil spring was still stock. https://www.bangbang.com.hk/collections/rwa-airsoft-surgeon/products/rwa-nighthawk-custom-agent-1
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