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Arnies Custom Build Competition: Build Inspiration & Links

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I felt that it may be pertinent for me to provide some links and details as inspiration for the new competition - aside from our very own Project Suggestions section itself - which shows off plenty of great projects already. Hopefully you may find the following useful to get your creative juices flowing and dremels spinning :D

Airsoft Builds
A great source of airsoft-specific custom build ideas - including loads of pics and a welcome lack of clutter.

Fallout 3 Weapon Wiki & Fallout NV Weapon Wiki
Good resource for the Fallout junkies! Thanks to Avenger96 for these links.

Great source of high resolution photos of rare modern russian guns (taken from different angles). Supplied by a friendly Russian user (when Murdoc asked for more photos for his SV98 project). Thanks to Murdoc for sharing this link.

Gear Discussion Section
ArniesAirsoft's very own Gear Discussion is a great place to start to find inspiration if you want to join the comp but don't know what to make. Just a quick heads up, if you don't already peruse that area of the forums.

The movies have provided some great weapons upon which to base custom airsoft project designs. The Internet Movie Firearms Database documents the screen-used/hero weaponry. You'll find inspiration for 'Terminator' blasters, 'Hitman' pistols and 'Predator' miniguns!

LaZouche Custom
YouTube channel documenting scores of custom M1911 based builds. Which if you have not yet encountered should provide plenty of useful tips for anyone considering entering an M1911 based custom, which lets face it, is a large part of the customisation scene these days. Highly applicable advice to other pistol projects as well, of course.

Military Photos
A vast resource, useful when investigating real world weaponry in detail when you set your heart upon a genre or era. You'll find resources, for example, on the Harrington & Richardson T33 (HK33 US export version, tested in VN), the WW2 Australian Owen Sub-Machine Gun or perhaps the Chinese Type 100.

Resident Evil Wiki
The Resident Evil dedicated wiki pages have info on the inherently awesome custom weaponry used throughout the RE universe, including the Biohazard pistol series.

Retro Black Rifle
A great in-depth resource for retro Colt rifle fanatics. Perhaps your build will be a highly accurate replica of the experimental Colt 703?

the RPF & BBC.com
The custom Blaster Build Competitions that ran some years back was the main inspiration for myself to request our own Arnies contest. There really were some great sci-fi creations as a result of their competition. And plenty of other prop info within the two links, particullarly regarding Star Wars weaponry.


World Guns
A veritable encyclopedia of real-world firearm profiles and stats.


Please PM me if you have any more links to add that have been useful to you.

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Just in case anyone ever thought of doing a Pancor Jackhammer, here's forgotten weapons taking to bits the only existing Pancor Jackhammer!



There is some really interesting info here, including the point that the Jackhammer we all know from computer games and movies was an early stage prototype, the trials versions submitted to the US Military were less bulky and less complex than what we are familiar with, this would also give anyone taking inspiration from this to design a "based on" without feeling too inauthentic.

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