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Twitch signing on

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Hey guys, I go by a couple of nicknames, Twitch being the official (due to my excessive energy drink consumption) one I go by, heck even got the tshirt. xD So, a little about me?


I live in St Neots, Cambridgeshire good old UK (As an aside would love to meet some more local softers). The guys I play with are the Anglia Ruskin University Combat Games Society, and attended the gunman uni comp with them last year.


Music is a massive part of my life, I don't let what genre music belongs to determine whether or not I listen to it, I'll give anything a shot once. Hobbywise I'm a tabletop wargamer and video gamer as well as a keen softer. Reading is another favourite passtime.


My loadouts are heavily SEAL inspired, not sure why I took to them so much but the kit is interesting which is what's important (and varied). But I don't emulate a SEAL, no serious patches for the minute, maybe later.


I look forward to engaging in discussion with you guys. :D

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