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  1. I still really want to model up a Colonial Handgun from BSG.
  2. Tw1tch

    Custom Gear

    Already spoken to him and he doesn't have the specialist sewing machines to sort it.
  3. Tw1tch

    Custom Gear

    Might as well ask here as hopefully someone has the equipment and skills needed. I have a 5.11 Covrt pack and unfortunately I managed to snag one of the bungee cords on the side pockets and snapped it. I need someone to unpick the stitching, replace the bungee cord and stitch it back up. I'm UK based in Cambridgeshire. Anyone able to help me out (obviously in exchange for currency)?
  4. Nice, I've got a Mk12 of some description on my list, unsure if I want Mod 0 or Mod 1.
  5. I only got it because I signed up to that crateclub for a giggle, but by the time I received my first one (a bum bag...) they'd already taken payment for the second one so received the Gerber, a keyring torch (with twist to activate which I dislike as it's so easy to twist it on) and a patch. Definitely not worth it haha.
  6. We have safety knives for our roll cages as they come with plastic security seals but they're pretty useless so unless an auditor is in I use my Gerber Clutch which lives on my personal keys (until I replace it with a Leatherman and relegate it).
  7. Whatever it is I dig it...
  8. Chap on the left of the first pic looks rather like Hugh Laurie.
  9. It's so close to me picking up my first Recoil, collecting it on Saturday from Fire Support. Part of me feels I should've left it stock until something broke but I know my flatmate wouldn't be able to forgive it shooting stock fps. Stupidly excited even if it does mean buying a bunch of new mags and another set of accessories for it.
  10. Fantastic, thank you. I also found a page on fb detailing a mod. Hurray for PMAGS!
  11. Has anyone managed to put the innards of TM recoil mags into a real PMag shell (and will a real PMag fit into a TM magwell)? Genuinely curious as I've just ordered my SOPMOD and I want some PMags but the PTS ones are now unicorns so tempted by the possibility of making my own.
  12. I'm definitely thinking a Soviet style optic. And if it comes to it I'll blag it as an "undercover operator". Most importantly I now have a working AEG, that's shooting hot right now. XD
  13. blobface, you are the hero of the people.
  14. Amen to that, my fire selector is pretty damn stiff right now. Hoping it eases in or worst case I'll very lightly file it down. I'm excited to join the AK club, especially as it only cost me £115 (well technically £125 as I won a voucher in a raffle before Christmas and it was discounted).
  15. This was the primary reason for me wanting to fold the stock, how long does it take roughly to remove the sight? I know my home sight does do some sort of AK side mount optic so I probably speak to the owner about that after downing the spring, grabbing some mags and a chicom/claymore bag
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