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WTS Hazard 4 and Pantac packs


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well, i dont normally sell gear, but im starting to cut back on my hoard of stuff i use for airsoft and im going to sell things i know i can get some money for.


in this thread i have 3 nice quality packs that someone else can use. i cant find my Pantac RRV pack unfortunately, so i can only post 2.


Pantac Delta Pack in CB

bought this a while ago and cannot find the optional molle panels and belt, but still have the standard shoulder strap and the optional bandoleer. 

i used it for a day pack for a couple years while living in new york, but it still looks new. (cordura awesomeness)

heres some product info from WGC shop (i believe i bought it from them)


and heres a couple pics of the actual item:




looking for $60 shipped


Hazard 4 Evac Plan B pack in Multicam

bought this one about a year ago and replaced my delta pack as my day bag up until now. still looks new but it has beach sand from florida still hanging out discreetly in the outside pockets.

heres the product info on this bad boy:


and here is a pic of the actual item:



looking for $60 shipped


both of these are great day packs or can also serve as a great fighting pack for the tactical messengers among us.

if i can find my Pantac RRV Hydration pack, ill post it as well.

thanks for looking

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The Delta pack is still availible, but I started using it again, so it may come off the market.


HOWEVER, I did find my RRV hydration pack. Ill be selling it without the hydration bladder as I sold it with the Hazard 4 pack. I can still find them new in a few places, so I will price it at:

$50 shipped (conus)


Its in CB and is otherwise fully intact other than the missing bladder.



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Now looking for 40 shipped conus for the RRV pack.


The delta pack is now 40 aswell, but its been modified now. I have removed the molle webbing from the outside of the pack for a more covert look. I'm still contemplating taking it off the market.

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