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PTS Griffin Armament M4SDII mock suppressor

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My short impressions about the said product. Excuse me the bad cell pictures, my camera is broken.








Suppressor, pair of orings.



I wish I knew what they are for...




Suppressor is really nice, paint is a bit shiny but thick.







Only thing I do not like, is the small edge around the endcap on the suppressor body.



Whoever invented this locking mechanism, deserves an award. It is supposed to lock onto almost all kinds of A2 profile flash hiders, I could only test it with my Crusader Tech BCE 1.0 replica, lock was really secure and rattle free. And there is a pretty wide variety of Griffin muzzle devices available, as well.






Foam, spring, fake baffle, which...



... is not removable this time. So it is impossible to lose it.






Spring of the Griffin can at the top, M4-2000 at the bottom. Notice some difference?



Seeing that the M4-2000 can is even longer, it is no wonder the baffle would make noise and the end cap would come loose. That small spring is obviously not strong enough to keep them in place.




I am really pleased with the product. Works as advertised, quality is what one would expect from PTS. But some sort of manuals could have been included so I would know what to do with the orings.


Well done PTS, it is really a great addition to the airsoft market, I do hope we are to see further mock suppressors from known brands in the future. (Imagining the license prices it is not likely but one can hope, right?)


Feel free to ask & comment!

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General build quality is OK but one of the two screws holding down the locking mechanism on mine loss their threads very quickly.

The locking mechanism plate also bends quite easily.

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The o ring are for you to put in the suppressor to make it less wobbly when you attach it on the muzzlebrake... I can upload a picture when I get home....

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I see, thanks. That is how I got my AAC can stop woobling.

As I managed to grab a DX M4-2000, I think I am gonna sell my Griffin but now at least I can tell the new owner what to do with the orings. :)

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