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Review: ELEMENT's Fast Helmets

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OPS-CORE is an American producer of Helmet's 


They have multiple models, used by various army units worldwide 

but  the most welknown models are problably the MICH and FAST.

You can check their site for more info.


ELEMENT recently as a new line of helmets


I have a version of their FAST Ballistic High Cut (XP) HELMET.

Altough I am not a player  i find  these FAST HELMETS  super cool items anyway.

I want to do a smal project build with it , something like this ore this .


This ELEMENT replica, is very wel replicated !


Very nice detailed, and finished, you can see it on the photo's for yourself.

As far as i could check it with the reference immages, this version is very accurate !


I have already had budget models in my hands, and one of the things i noticed imediatly

that there was no fitband in the neck ! 

The straps where attached directly on the helmet !

On this ELEMENT version there's a real fitband !


Around the helmet there velcro pads, for "sticking" various items; like patches, strobelights, counterweight pouches etc...

Frontal there two "bungee slings" for keeping NVG's in the desired position.

Theres also a riveted "skeleton shroud" 


The helmet comes in a decent cardboard box, in a plastic bag.

In the set theres also a thicker set of liners included witch makes it possible to fit on

different sizes of heads  :D


There also two picatiny adapters included, witch make it possible to mount items

with a picatiny atachment like lights and cam's etc...


here the pic's









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