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  1. Got myself a new piece of “Gucci Gear”. The TAC-SKY repro of the Ops Core AMP headset, which I want to show here, and of course a piece of historical explanation precedes it. 1.0 Ear Protection Since the early 16th century , permanent hearing damage has been reported as a result of loud bangs from the battlefield, and WWI veterans have been receiving compensation for hearing loss Between the American Civil War and WWI , research evolved and eventually led to the first "recommendation" for the wearing of hearing protection for gun operators and other noisy gea
  2. This UNIONTAC 6094K Plate Carrier recently crossed my path, it's a “based on” the iconic LBT 6094 plate carrier, seemingly there are multiple 6094K variants circulating on CN webstores, i didn't took the time analyzing & comparing all this versions, but i will make an in depth review of this specific version i got from the UNIONTACSTORE 1.0 Introduction The LBT 6094 plate carrier is unmistakable one of the most iconic plate carriers, ever used by the US SOF, developed, and made by the renowned London Bridge Trading Company (LBT) Which besides has a quite remarkable o
  3. 1.0 The Crye Precision GEN3 BDUIs one of the most used BDU's (Battle Dress Uniform) nowadays, now there's a lot to tell about the remarkable history of Crye Precision, and their BDU's, so if you wanna know more about that, I invite you to check out my Crye A-line BDU guide here. 2.0TMCThis makes the Crye G3 also a must for Milsim/Reenactment/Impressionists. That being said…an original Crye G3 set costs about 400 to 500 $, real Die Hard reenactors often look for used Crye's on Ebay, but for those who may want it a bit less authentic, there are also replica Crye BDUs,and the bes
  4. This AN/PRC-163 dummy radio from TS TAC SKY , is the newest item in my kit, earlier i reviewed already their AN/PRC-152A, the most detailed Dummy version of the Harris PRC-152A on the market, the AN/PRC-163 is the successor of the AN/PRC-152. 1.0 Introduction First a brief introduction about communication equipment, aka “COMM's” (who already read my Tac Sky PRC-152A review might notice similarities, i partly copied the intro, since the PRC-163 is the successor of the PRC-152 the previous history is partly identical) So here’s what i could learn so far about COMM'S in general
  5. This Trauma Roll 1 Pouch is my latest asset, made by Toptacpro a new CN gear brand.Topctacpro doesn't make straight copy’s (as far as i can find) i would call it based ons. Their Trauma Roll 1 Pouch, for example, is based on a Ferro Concepts design. 1.0 Ferro Concepts Ferro Concepts is a US gear maker with a remarkable origin story, whereas a lot of today gearmakers are ex military, and started their business from a persuasion to improve the current issued gear, Ferro Concepts founder Riley Boland, in contrary, is a professional skater! who used to be a member of Devtsix (milsim reen
  6. Commonly seen with US SOF last decade and nowadays; the Ops Core FAST 1.0 US Combat Helmet Evolution About how the Ops Core FAST was developed, and its place in the Combat Helmet Evolution is a lot to tell about, and I thought it would be interesting to share. For the general overview I poured that into the diagram below 1.1 PASGT Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops In the mid-seventies the US DoD infantry equipment, was mostly outdated and still from WWII, Korea, and Vietnam!
  7. 1.0 Introduction It was about time for a new chapter in my AVS Plate Carrier Project, i was thinking recently. So i started my research about communication equipment, aka “COMM's” And so i came upon the TS TAC-SKY AN/PRC-152A, the most detailed Dummy version of the Harris PRC-152A I could find. What i could learn so far: about COMM'S in general,and in relationship to the loadout, (Plz correct me in case i am wrong) 1.1 2nd Line Gear Is the Equipment required to complete the mission consisting : Plate Carrier, Ammo, VG, IFAK, Food&Water, Extra Clot
  8. 1.0 Introduction A very tacticool item nowadays, is the Rugged Phone Case, at the top of the Plate Carrier, and preferably a Kägwerks, like I own a TMC AVS Plate Carrier, the Kägwerks could no longer be a missing item , but first some extra explanation about this. 2.0 Kägwerks Is a company founded by an ex US soldier, in this case Garret Schwindel. Kägwerks focuses on 2 areas, the first is obtaining specialized shooting training for professional military and law enforcement personnel. The second is the development, production and distri
  9. 1.0 IntroductionThe most common item of the Plate Carrier is probably the front panel, also called Placard, mostly a Triple-M4 Mag Pouch, variant such as Flap, Open Top, Stretch, or Rigid.For my own Plate Carrier project I chose this TMC Triple Stretch Detachable Mag Panel (TMC 3465-MC) based on the Crye Stretch Detachable Flap. With this choice I actually went a bit against my own principles, where I normally choose repro's of items witch are frequent used in reality.Turns out this Crye Stretch Pouch is extremely rare "in the wildIronically, this pouch is featured in the CBS series SEAL TEAM,
  10. Thx for the feedback, that confirms what i heard, and with my plates i cant trim any material anymore 😉
  11. 1.0 Introduction For my TMC 3219 Plate Carrier witch i reviewed earlier here. I made already my set of ESAPI training plates in real weight and finish I also made a set of E-SBI (Enhanced Side Ballistic Insert), these serve to protect the vital organs from side impact, and should be carried in a dedicated Side Plate Pouch, for for my TMC 3219 I wanted a so-called Crye (Repro) 6X6 Side Plate Pouch Set. These Side Plates Pouches show up either sporadically in “the wild”, which does not surprise me because it is again e
  12. Thx it was a huge job indeed. And yeah its an awesome plate carrier, i am very pleased with it myself. AVS in AOR is very rare and AFAIK only in standard cut (TMC 2019) indeed , dont know if it was NSW issue ?
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