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  1. 1.0 IntroductionThe most common item of the Plate Carrier is probably the front panel, also called Placard, mostly a Triple-M4 Mag Pouch, variant such as Flap, Open Top, Stretch, or Rigid.For my own Plate Carrier project I chose this TMC Triple Stretch Detachable Mag Panel (TMC 3465-MC) based on the Crye Stretch Detachable Flap. With this choice I actually went a bit against my own principles, where I normally choose repro's of items witch are frequent used in reality.Turns out this Crye Stretch Pouch is extremely rare "in the wildIronically, this pouch is featured in the CBS series SEAL TEAM,
  2. Thx for the feedback, that confirms what i heard, and with my plates i cant trim any material anymore 😉
  3. 6.0 The 3-Strap Skeletal Cummerbund After i reviewed my TMC 3219 (AVS), i started with the actual set-up, (and for witch i want to achieve a DA-set-up actualy) I wanted to try out the more rigid CPC set-up, and at the same time I also wanted a Tubes closure to have less Velcro wrestling with the cummerbunds. I made already this Topic earlier about QR closures and Tactifans btw The Tactifans 3-strap Cummerbund turned out to be the most economical, it is based on the MOS Tactical which uses the First Spear Tubes. The Tactifans is equipped with T
  4. 1.0 Introduction For my TMC 3219 Plate Carrier witch i reviewed earlier here. I made already my set of ESAPI training plates in real weight and finish I also made a set of E-SBI (Enhanced Side Ballistic Insert), these serve to protect the vital organs from side impact, and should be carried in a dedicated Side Plate Pouch, for for my TMC 3219 I wanted a so-called Crye (Repro) 6X6 Side Plate Pouch Set. These Side Plates Pouches show up either sporadically in “the wild”, which does not surprise me because it is again e
  5. Thx it was a huge job indeed. And yeah its an awesome plate carrier, i am very pleased with it myself. AVS in AOR is very rare and AFAIK only in standard cut (TMC 2019) indeed , dont know if it was NSW issue ?
  6. A while ago I started a bit on Plate Carriers research, so I found out that in 2021 the Crye Precison AVS is pretty popular amongst USSF and the UKSF, so reason enough for me to look out for a replica, and that's how I ended up at the TMC AVS, a nice replica in my opinion, which I also wanted to show you here What follows is an extensive review consisting of 2 major chapters 1.0 The Crye Precision Intro 7.0 The TMC AVS review 1.0 Crye Precision Intro Admittedly, I've became a bit of a "Crye fanboy" because of their story and style, so allow me to give some extra expla
  7. Introduction QR (Quick Release) connectors on Plate Carriers are a common feature nowadays, These are plastic closures that attached to the front of the Cummerbund, so that the PC can be doffed, and undoffed without having to pull off the Velcro flaps, this way the PC can be put on, and off faster than usual (whether or not in emergency situations). Originally an invention of First Spear, but now there are several other brands / concepts. 1.0 First spear Is an American gearmaker founded in 2010, by Jonny Laplume and Scott Carver, 2 experienced industrialists with ties to the mil
  8. Here my latest Ali Express gadget, in my collection “Tacticool Gear Accesories” a Replica of the Leatherman Raptor Rescue, a Trauma Shear / Rescue Multi-Tool. 1.0 Leatherman Raptor Rescue Is designed specifically for rescuers, it is a foldable Trauma Shear with some additional tools such as a: Belt Cutter, Glass Breaker, Ring Cutter, O2 Tank Wrench, and Ruler. The original Leatherman Raptor also comes with a hard Molle Case with allows the Raptor worn in several ways. The original Leatherman Raptor costs € 80 a € 100, depending on your wallet, and what you need the Raptor for, i
  9. No indeed thats pretty cheap, tried it to, but it doesn't work either, dark text on a white surface is easy. But if you wanna iron a White text on a dark surface you need to use the specific sheets, and they have a white background instead of transparant.
  10. Tried it to yes, but the result wasn't also that superb, the only option know are custom made ironing letters, but thats a quite pricy to. I should have let the nylon print before the wrapping, but initially i never thought the end result would be that good. After al, once there in the Plate Carrier nobody sees it anymore.
  11. A while ago, I started to focus a bit more on Gear & Apparel, when taking a more closer look at SOF BDUs, I found out that Crye Precison dominates this market. Crye has several BDU versions (GEN's), and with some searching, I found lots of info on the web, though a bit shattered on multiple forums & blogs, I found this was quite difficult for me, to get the overview of the various Gen's, so I started with collecting photos in separate gallery's, and writing down the main features of each version, after a while it was become a quite huge document on my PC. And since here isn't yet
  12. Its been a while since is posted my last DIY projects (Mk12, LVOA, Socom RC, Mk18) So i decided it was about time to make "something" by myself again. Nowadays i am doing a bit more research on tactical apparel, and gear, and so i ended up with Plate Carriers and their correct wearing, and sizing. And that starts with the correct size, and carrying of the ballistic plate itself. I started a more in-dept research concerning, Milspec ballistic inserts, the so called SAPI, or ESAPI , i compiled those results in the following info carts. SAPI : Small
  13. The TMC 354 DO Holster Is my most recent asset, it is a replica of the Safariland 6354 DO, and a popular piece of equipment nowadays. The 6354 is a Glock-only holster, and connected to the introduction of the Glock in the USSF community, which deserves a “word” of explanation first. How the Glock Or more precise the Glock 19 has been introduced in the USSF community? Many may have noticed that almost every today SF kit contains a G19 as a sidearm. Glocks however, have been around for some time in the USSF, the G22 (.40 S&W) was already into use by 1eSFG (Delta) around
  14. 1.0 Introduction This Ali-repro Task Force Belt Is once again, my latest asset that I would like to show you guys, its a replica of the Ronin Task Force Belt, which first needs some explanation, I partly copied the intro from my previous TMC Shuto review, as the story is largely identical. 2.0 Ronin Tactics Is the company of the ex-soldier and veteran Tu Lam, a remarkable person who also deserves some attention. 2.1 Tu Lam Born in Vietnam in 1974, and had to flee the Communist regime with his family in 1976, Tu Lam eventually ended up in the US, where his mother married
  15. The TMC Shuto Belt Is one of my latest assets that I would like to share on this forum, the TMC is based on the Ronin Tactics Shuto Belt, I would like to start by telling something about Ronin Tactics, and tactical belts Ronin Tactics Is the company of the ex-Green Beret, and veteran Tu Lam, a quite remarkable person who deserves some attention IMHO. Tu Lam Was born in Vietnam in 1974, and forced to flee from the Communist regime with his family in 1976, Tu Lam eventually ended up in the US, where his mother married a Green Beret. so at very young age he was already getting familia
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