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  1. aac

    Glock Picture Thread

    My boneyard G17C (Army) witch i wanna modify into a Roland- ish Glock First issue: the RMR cut, witch requires a G18 blow back unit, anyone here tried this already to ?
  2. Hello members i wanna show you guys my newest asset, from Taiwangun, since there isn't much to find about the CM M4 style replica's, i thought it might be interesting to review this replica. About CM: It isn't clear yet, how these brand's are related to each other , but i understood CM is an home-brand of Taiwangun and can be either a Cyma or a P&J (wich on its turn would be an A&K) ? That being said, CM is located in the low/medium price range, like Specna foR example, where Specna as about 50 different M4 models, CM as a bit more variation, they have AK's, M14's, shotguns
  3. Do you use any dissolvent or others to achieve the chipped of paint effects ?
  4. Would you tell us more about your techniques & materials you use ?
  5. Bump No other members with Nuprol UFP experience ?
  6. And how it is compared to Fosco, is it really ultra flat ?
  7. Dont know where to post this question else ? But anyone here experience with the NUPROL UFP (Ultra Flat Paint) ?
  8. Not something i would do with some of my replica's. But a nice job anyway
  9. And what i finaly made with it http://arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/215810-review-specna-arms-sa-g01-m4a1-m203/
  10. Wel, that's even better When my SA-G01(M4A1 SOPMOD) project is finished, i wil start with upgrading this A0-3, and -of coarse- il keep you guys updated
  11. Well thx for appreciating my work (and it was quite some work, this review ) Btw do you speak Vlaams or Francais ? l
  12. In fact Airsoft systems -the manufacturer of the ASCU- recommend it already in its manual ! Its Gunfire who offers the replica's with the ASCU and stock motor, self declaring the stock motor is fine ?!
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