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Shooters Design Infinity M Style 6.0 slide

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Does anyone out there own this slide? Or maybe know someone who does?


I've been thinking of getting one, but can't make up my mind. Cannot find any review of this online anywhere. Would be great if someone who has had experience with this slide could share some info. I would be particulary interested to know how it fits a TM hi-capa middle frame.

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Thanks for your input.


Yes, I've owned a Shooters Design STI slide and frame before. The fit was actually really good, nice and tight, just needed a little sanding. However, I've heard that a lot of more recent(apparantly?) Shooters Design slides are made with quite poor tolerance, they are way too loose on the frame.


I don't know if this is a newer slide and if it suffers the same problem. Maybe I will just have to buy one and figure it out.....

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Ok, so I went ahead and bought this. Will post some pictures later, been working on my hi-capa build that uses this slide.


All in all I'm happy with the quality of the slide. Not super impressed, but it's definately not bad. Cuts and trades are very nicely done, but tolerance could have been better. It's not very loose on the TM frame, but it does wiggle a little bit. Wished it was a little tighter, did not need any filing or sanding.

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