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  1. antroa1985

    1911 Picture Thread

    Nice! That's not a bad serial number either.😋 Did the first ones all come with a black outer barrel? I remember this kit having either gold or silver outer barrel.
  2. antroa1985

    Glock Picture Thread

    My SRU SR-18 with 5KU SAS front kit, Houge grip sleeve and A1A Osprey suppressor. I'm not too keen on the golden outer barrel, the plan is to swap it for a black fluted one.
  3. antroa1985

    WWII Weapons Picture Thread

    @renegadecow you sir, are a genius! Congrats on a very nice looking rifle.
  4. antroa1985

    1911 Picture Thread

    Shopped locally at CRW a couple of times and it's a great store that has a lot of items that's hard to come by elsewhere. Only tried ordering from them once overseas. Not too impressed with the time it took to handle my order and the lack of communication up until I contacted them to ask what was going on. After that though things went smooth and I'll probably order from them again. @garry Nice piece! Who makes the kit?
  5. antroa1985

    1911 Picture Thread

    Thank you. You might be right. I did consider some dark wood grips, but in the end I opted for the faux black pearl grips. Think it finishes it off nicely and keeps with the black and silver theme in stead of adding wood color to the mix. But I might try on some wood grips later down the road.
  6. antroa1985

    1911 Picture Thread

    Finally finished my ground up custom built Infinity 1911. Took a while buying parts here and there but now she is complete!
  7. antroa1985

    1911 Picture Thread

    Oooohh, nice! But unfortunately it will have to wait. Thanks for the tip though. Much appreciated!
  8. antroa1985

    Picture threads, no post

    It works now. Thank you Sir!
  9. antroa1985

    1911 Picture Thread

    Very nice! Huge fan of the Bob Chow with rounded edges and serrated finger grip. It's one of the WA pistols on my wish list. Oh man, my wish list is too long!
  10. antroa1985

    Picture threads, no post

    Same here. I have no option on the bottom of the page to reply on picture threads.
  11. antroa1985

    1911 Picture Thread

    I've never even seen the Tussey custom nor the SIG GSR before. Holy smokes those are nice! Really like your Nighthawk T3 too. I'm a sucker for ported slides. Guess I'll have to start browsing yahoo japan auctions
  12. antroa1985

    1911 Picture Thread

    Very nice Wooly Booly! Old builds or recent? If recent, where do you usually find kits for WA type pistols?
  13. antroa1985

    1911 Picture Thread

  14. antroa1985

    1911 Picture Thread

    Very nice wolfgeorge! Is that the mafioso kit with RS grips?
  15. antroa1985

    1911 Picture Thread

    I like it! But, those grips are way too nice and clean. Need some grips that show use and wear to complete the look.

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