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review: CQC's Blackhawk Serpa holster replica

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Recently i ordered  this GLOCK 17 (Army R17) at Taiwangun

because i would wanted it to try in a holster ,  i getted  this CQC Blachawk SERPA from AIRSOFTPEAK 


The welknown SERPA holsters, are a unique design from the American Blackhawk ,

a maker of al kind of tactical stuff.


They are known for there unique "Auto Lock Release" a system wich makes "instinctive drawing"

more easy,

due to the location of the release, the indexfinger is imediatly at the right "location".


These SERPA's are commonly seen on various SOF loadouts




AIRSOFTPEAK sell this CQC Blackhawk SERPA,

According to the blister on the package, this should be a Blackhawk ?

Made under licence , a division of BH ? or a bold clone,  or copy ?


Whatever, The CQC comes in a very rigid plastic bag with a "Blackhawk"  blister card 







This CQC SERPA is a so called drop leg holster, consisting of a leg platform,  holster,  magazine holder, and a flashlight holder    


The leg platform is suspended on the belt by means of a so called "Y-harness suspension system"

This way the pannel keeps upright, the weight is better divided, and the trouser pocket remains accesible.!


Same as the original model,  this suspension straps are fully adjustable in lenght.

a broad ellastic band keeps it on place.

On top of the straps , two "Quick Detach Swivel Buckles" wich -on one side- needs to be atached to the belt with a Velcro strap.

This way the holsterset could be quick taken of, or hanged on.




The two leg straps are ment to keep the legpannel tight to the upper leg.

these are (of coarse) fully adjustable , and two sturdy buckles making a "Quick Detach" possible.

a part of the strap is made in a strong elastic band, this way the strap is always under tension, even while moving.




Frontal view of the holster set, magholder, and flashlight holder.




The Mag, and flashlight holder , are made with a spring loaded strip, to keep magazine and flashlight in place.





Besides are those two "holders" made with a Quick Detach  system,  wich makes easy removing, and adding possible (without tools)


(view from below)









At the backside of the leg pannel we see the atachments,  of the holster, and  "dovetails"

the holster is atached with three M6 screws.

the dovetails are also detachable.





My ARMY R17 Glock as a perfect fit in this CQC !!

The "lock" closes with a discrete "click" and with that i mean he   DOESNT DO "KLACK !"  :D 

This is required for optimal "tactical silence" of coarse.


The release system, works nice, but  some practicing is desirable.


I must be said  , This budget SERPA's are not made with a soft liner inside

(same as budget Glocks  dont have a durable finish)


So after a few times "holstering" already

you see traces on the slide, and inside the holster  :(





I shouldn't be ME if , i wasnt ME , if i wanted already do some small customizing  :)

De flashligt holder isn't that interesting to me, so i desided to remove this completely.






On the empty space i mounted my (dummy) Benchmade 141 Nimravius

a very cool and eficient combat knive, of the welknown, and famous  American knivebuilder

This Nimravius is quite popular amongst the MARSOC and force RECON units.  


This dummy version , is very nice made with eye for detail !

notice the Benchmade -butterfly- logo on the scabbard .


I mounted the sheath very easily to the leg pannel with two M6 allen screws.

for the lower hole i needed  to dril an extra hole in the legpannel.


My personal opinion ... "Awesome"

what do you guys think about it ?     :D






I suppose the attentive reader/watcher has noticed that there are multiple carying methods possible with this SERPA's

(if not , scrol back to the top of the page and check de miltary pic's)


So this CQC set can only be used as a drop leg holster.

But if you are in possession of several replica pistols.

You could for example purchase  these CQC holsters with beltloop these are available for the most common pistol types (M1911, Glock, P226...)

and in various colors TAN , BLACK , OD even camo A-TACTS, DIGITAL DESSERT, MULTICAM


And meanwhile you have the beltloop plate, wich on its turn can be mounted on other holsters

Check this AIRSOFTPEAK Holsterpage.




For the "Chest Carying Method" there is this CQC PLATFORM HOLDER this" adapter plate"

could  be draped between the  MOLLE loops

The several holes in the plate  are coresponding with the threated holes in the holster,

wich makes positioning under multiple angles posible.





This Double Magazine Pouch is also a possible option. 






PRO: very affordable, modular system,  realistic replica


CON: no inside liners, for every other pistol replica is an other  holster recuired.  

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