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Mike 8-{>

Getting a shirt modified..

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I got myself an OPS UR-Tactical ubacs in A-TACS FG a couple or so years back.



Mostly to wear in the summer. However I found that the main body material, a cotton jersey material (like t-shirt material but a bit heavier), was just too warm. Also it soaked up sweat like a sponge and turned in to a soggy heavy thing. It also got really cold and clammy if it then got cooler during the day. Not great. 

Then I spotted that ATACS did a light weight mesh fabric, the kind of stuff American football shirts are made from. So I thought I would try and get some and get the t-shirt material replaced with it. A bit of searching later I found a local alteration place who would do the job for a very reasonable 28 quid.

This is the end result.







Really chuffed with the end result. The shirt is so much lighter and cooler. Looking forward to trying it out next game day.

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