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  1. Love the "Rock Paper Scissors" to call the hit. Striker looks awesome in action. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Pictures of the display with the Arisoft shooting range I organised for a families fun day at my place of work.
  3. Martin, Photobucket hosting seems to be broken somehow. You may see your photos, no one else does. They only see a picture stating: "Please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting. For important info, please go to www.photobucket.com/P500" My guess is they have figured they need to make money from people by charging you to link back to your own photos. This seems to be appearing all over forums for anyone using any photobucket images (including yours and many other's sig photos).
  4. Mike 8-{>

    Shirt modification

    Having material changed on an OPS UR-Tactical UBACS
  5. In simpler (ish) terms https means login credentials (username and password) should be encrypted when sent by you to the website. Where with an http website they are passed in plain text and can be easily intercepted / stolen.
  6. Mike 8-{>

    WE Desert Eagle

    Pre release photos from WE Europe of the WE Desert Eagle
  7. Glad it's working for you now even if it is a mystery how
  8. Mike 8-{>

    Classic Army M14

    Some pictures of bits of my M14
  9. What extensions would "these extensions" be? A bit tricky for someone to diagnose your issue without your including a bit more information to help.
  10. Pictures of the Silverback Desert Tech SRS A1
  11. All depends. I signed up in May 2012 and got my 100th post a week or two ago. So in my case just shy of 3 years. Some might say this is because I am not dedicated enough to the forum to post regularly. Personally I try to only post when I have something I hope will be a useful contribution rather than just posting to get my count up. YMMV
  12. Been reading through this thread as I picked up an ASG MP9 a while back. Since most of the activity here was back in 2012 I thought it may be useful to write about some new parts which have become available which may be of interest to more recent readers of this thread. First up G&G have produced a bayonet to 14mm CCW adaptor to fit other silencers to the ASG/KSC/KWA MP9/MP9R without having to replace the original silencer mount. I wont post links to sites as so many in this thread are now 404. Please use your search engine of choice and vendors should become apparent.... G&G
  13. Pictures to illustrate some modifications which can be made to the KJW Ruger Mk1 NBB Pistol. Mods include stabilising the barrel, changing the trigger spring strength and the Hop rubber patch.
  14. An earlier version had a "Dont ask me again" option but would seem to have been removed either by tapatalk, the addon producer (one and the same?) or the IP Board people in a recent update. My frustration is with not being able to say "no thanks and don't ask again". I dont mind being asked once but I do mind everytime I open the site. I do understand it's uaefulness to those who want to try or use the app and to those who own/eun the site.
  15. Is there a way to stop the Tapatalk splash screen appearing whenever I access Arnies from an Android web browser? I have nothing against Tapatalk per se. I don't use it and would like to have a way to permanently say no I dont want to install it. It seems to be a feature of the mobile version of the IP Board system across several sites including Arnies. Of preference I prefer not to have my web browsing hijacked by application installers please.
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