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direct access to oldest of several unread posts

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What do you click on to get to the oldest of several unread posts?

After I go to "Unread Content", if I click on the main thread title it takes me to page no. 1, and if I click on the time stamp (e.g. 16 hrs), it takes me to the most recent post.


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What are you trying to do? Work from the oldest post and catch up with unread material? Just so I understand the issue. Feel free to drop in screen shots etc. I can have a dig and sort it. It's a brand new forum setup so obviously we're all locating the new features as we go.

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Yes, on the old site, you clicked on unread posts, and then clicking somewhere (I forget where exactly, it was second nature), it took you to the oldest of the unread posts, if there were several of them.

That's what I'm trying to figure out again.  A thread has several posts that I haven't read.  It makes sense to read them in chronological order, starting with the oldest (least recent) of them.

On the new forum, I haven't figured out a way to go directly to that oldest unread post.  I can either go to the start of the thread, sometimes from years ago, or I can go to the most recent post, but then I have to backtrack to find the start of the unread conversation.




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Found the answer.. they dropped that feature in 4.0 beta: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/433746-no-more-go-to-first-unread-post-link-in-topic/

It will be something we can add back with a plugin. I'm doing my best to avoid plugin scripts just because it can cause issues, but if it's needed I can add it :)

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