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  1. ED-SKaR

    On Building Light Weight 4.3 1911

    Let me correct my original post: I also have a TM hicappa that's been through a couple thousand rounds on green and it's stock except for the magazine gas routs. IMO, buy a TM brand TM 1911 or hicappa, and use green.... and... that's it, enjoy.
  2. ED-SKaR

    On Building Light Weight 4.3 1911

    The frame doesn't care what gas you put in it. Green gas is what I've been feeding my TM 1911 for years now and there's no sign of any damage except for where I've dropped it (and even that's just scratches on the outside)
  3. ED-SKaR

    Airsoft sightings in Movies and TV shows thread 2

    Torchwood WAS mentioned in the first thread, repeatedly. Even a bunch of people made torchwood hicappas. Those were the days.
  4. ED-SKaR

    Metal hop arm for ICS SA80?

    Strange. I wasn't able to send them a message or interact with the account at all. I'll try again.
  5. ED-SKaR

    Metal hop arm for ICS SA80?

    I have considered this, but because the part where it bends is around a 90° angle, it's a mechanical weak point. I could put re-enforcement into the peg as you suggest, but the body of the hop arm still bends. I have also considered combining re-enforcing the peg with epoxying a metal plate to the body of the hop arm, but even then, there is 90° between the peg and the body so I'm convinced it will still bend. I also don't want to try to modify it until I have a replacement. Not that it's usable right now... If I can't get a metal one I will eventually turn to re-enforcing the existing one.
  6. Whilst I do love my ICS L86, it's basically been in unusable condition since I got it. The hop is always pressed down too far, even for heavy BBs because the plastic hop arm bends and presses down too far. I've been searching for a metal hop arm for a while and all I can find is a dead e-bay account called arbitraryambitions. I wonder if they are still making/selling them or if there is a better option somewhere else. Does anyone know of an existing metal hop arm for the ICS sa80, or, more likely, does anybody have skill with machine tools who can quote me to build one?
  7. ED-SKaR

    ICS L86 A2

    I keep finding reference to the same one that seems to be discontinued. My 86 is basically dead until I find one or manage to make my own.
  8. ED-SKaR

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    The female is human, ya plebs. And yes, I do struggle with people so it was quite the accomplishment, for me, don't take that away.
  9. ED-SKaR

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    I finished my nerf flamer, spoke to an actual female, and my new job is working with robots. Coolness.
  10. ED-SKaR

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    I've had something in the post for over 3 months now, given up on it completely.
  11. ED-SKaR

    ICS L86 A2

    Actually yes, you are correct there. The A1 had a few different mag release styles but when they introduced the A2 there was a metal piece welded to the outside to protect it. There are also variants of the trigger that changed over the years so you might find A1s with different triggers but all the A2s have the same later design trigger.
  12. ED-SKaR

    Few aug questions

    Whilst I agree that enjoying the game is an important aspect of this hobby and nobody should feel the NEED to upgrade, especially with the OOTB performance of many AEGs these days, I can also say that the mechanical side of things can be just as rewarding as playing. I always try to keep a bone stock something to ensure that I always have something that I'm confident will always work (I'm also a snob so buy mainly TM and poor so I mainly buy second hand, so any TM that's been through a few tens of thousands of rounds is pretty much not gonna break in my experience)
  13. ED-SKaR

    ICS L86 A2

    The L86 has a longer barrel than the L85. The 'A2' refers to an upgrade to the real firarms that was mostly internal, the only feature on an airsoft gun that's different is the charing handle. I also have the ICS L86 and it's fantastic other than the hop, over the years that plastic arm has given me so many problems with range. I've been looking at a metal replacement, but havn't found one yet.
  14. ED-SKaR

    Few aug questions

    Trigger contact issues means that it's broken, refer back to my "it's new, don't assume it's broken" statement and then if it does break, contact the shop you got it from. Putting a screw in is an utter bodge of fixing the contact surfaces, and you shouldn't be needing that kind of 'fix'. "Augs are noisy" Well they are bullpup so the gearbox is pressed against your ear, I've used p90 and various SA80s as well as a couple of AUGs and never really felt the need to shush them. If you find it an issue, correctly shimming the gearbox and padding the piston head is far more effective at quietening noise than foam pads, but the foam can add a little extra noise reduction if you feel its needed. For sights, that is entirely personal preference and changes dependant on what site you're playing at. The sights on my aug right now are the only sights that I own and the AUG is the only gun with a pic rail on top. (Coincidentally they are a fake eohtek and a flip magnifier :P) I do quite like the aug, it's a great platform for all sorts of builds, but don't feel the need to mod it from the word go. Play a few games to see what you want out of it. You can go in some different directions, given the standard airsoft parts that exist today. Plenty of options.
  15. ED-SKaR

    Few aug questions

    First, my main piece of advice: Don't be scared off by all this talk of modding, get your gat and go have fun playing. Once you've played a few games with it you can better appreciate what you need out of it, how you want to improve it, or even IF you want to. I've seen many players run un-modded guns for years and have no worries in the world. But to answer your questions specifically: I've not owned a gfc but looking online all the internal pics look identical to a TM, so it's almost certainly a clone. For a new player barrel length really doesn't make a difference, it's the top .5% performance that you wont even notice until you've done years of training and are old and depressed. Tightbores make a bigger difference, as does a good hop rubber. Bucking is part of the hop unit, it's a standard part across the majority of AEGs in airsoft so easy to replace if it gets damaged. I've had a few AUGs and every one has had the same design of hop unit, unless gfg is doing something special. V3 is a standard base pattern of gearbox, but each gun that uses it has some slight variants (like the g36/ak/aug have different triggers, selectors and so on) but most of the time the internal bits of the gearboxes are all the same, even compatible with other gearbox Vs Mosfets are not required in most standard setups. What they do is bypass the trigger switch so that it doesn't burn out when using high voltage batterys or high draw motors. There is an argument that they improve trigger response but then we are back to the 0.5% mods. There are mosfets that have additional features, which can be cool but I've never looked into them so can't say more than that. "Trigger issues" What trigger issues? You don't have the gun, don't assume it's broken already "Noise it makes" not sure what this means.

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