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  1. ED-SKaR

    Pictures of Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    How about this brand new 'high performance' pistol.
  2. ED-SKaR

    Non-Hanging Slings

    My favourite sling is a 'pseudo 3point 2 point' with the AK. It's a two point sling attached to the back of the receiver, and the back of the stock. Because even the front attachment there is towards the back of the gun you can get a fairly small loop for your body and it holds it securely without being tight. And it acts like a 3 point in some ways but with less annoyance and more versatility. If your rear point is at the bottom of the stock, that goes under your dominant arm, and over your support arm so that when you're not using your rifle, you can slide it downwards and around to your back really smoothly and it will hang there without any extra pressure.
  3. ED-SKaR

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Or make it a single shot, but with the original magazine and blowback unit. (maybe take the feedlips off). Make an extractor and it might even eject properly. then you chuck in another shell and hit the slidelock.
  4. ED-SKaR

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    *Slowly awakes* What....
  5. ED-SKaR

    Lithium battery help

    It claims it can charge li-fe, but then doesn't list the voltages of li-fe batterys... odd. Is there a li-fe setting on the machine at all?
  6. ED-SKaR

    Glock laser hop unit

    This is VERY relevant to my interests. I follow with great attention.
  7. ED-SKaR

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    We're heading to the outpost on 12th may. y'all nerds welcome to join us. We'll see if 'Sentinel' are good game organisers.
  8. I've been designing stuff for airsoft and nerf for a few years now, still havn't found a good way to market them. Also, Liberator shotgun, very nice.
  9. ED-SKaR

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    Finmere would be acceptable!
  10. Mechbox? Might not be up with the modern tech, but it was always valuable. (Although the videos are all on youtube now I think)
  11. ED-SKaR

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    Anyone want to play within a handful of KM of Milton Keynes? Could get another meetup going.
  12. ED-SKaR

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    I didn't stop playing because I got old, I stopped playing because I don't have any friends to go anywhere with.
  13. ED-SKaR

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    I remember it well, it was July 9, 2006 when you joined (No I didn't look it up on your profile, what you talkin bout?) joined. one of 5 users. It's a start.
  14. ED-SKaR

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    HI *waves*
  15. ED-SKaR

    Airsoft sightings in Movies and TV shows thread 2

    Torchwood WAS mentioned in the first thread, repeatedly. Even a bunch of people made torchwood hicappas. Those were the days.

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