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  1. Yes, on the old site, you clicked on unread posts, and then clicking somewhere (I forget where exactly, it was second nature), it took you to the oldest of the unread posts, if there were several of them. That's what I'm trying to figure out again. A thread has several posts that I haven't read. It makes sense to read them in chronological order, starting with the oldest (least recent) of them. On the new forum, I haven't figured out a way to go directly to that oldest unread post. I can either go to the start of the thread, sometimes from years ago, or I can go to the most recent post, but then I have to backtrack to find the start of the unread conversation. Thanks.
  2. What do you click on to get to the oldest of several unread posts? After I go to "Unread Content", if I click on the main thread title it takes me to page no. 1, and if I click on the time stamp (e.g. 16 hrs), it takes me to the most recent post.
  3. mimesis

    SIG Picture Thread

    Is that the PMC kit? Looks much like the one I have, now invisible thanks to photobucket and my laziness.
  4. In a description I read, it says it's also fitted with a new short recoil system. Does the slide have full rearward travel?
  5. Which models is that last 2018 version in?
  6. mimesis

    Next posted by R22Master

    There's also a whole bunch of about writing essays and such posted on the news page. It's over 24 hrs and I'm surprised it hasn't been taken down.
  7. mimesis

    Arcturus Centaur B AEG, another AK not

    http://team-black-sheep.com/arcturus-new-airsoft-brand/ Some good pics here. What I mean is, on paper it looks to me more like a $400 AEG, which makes me worried. Perhaps it's just competitive pricing to break into the market with an unknown brand.
  8. mimesis

    UAC shutting their doors

    They've done all kinds of things. They have exclusive deals with various RS companies. They've commissioned brand new models from OEM manufacturers. They're the exclusive distributors in the US for various brands. They import a lot more unusual stuff than they used to, making it easier not to order from HK. They do all this crazy rebranding, to Matrix, etc. Obviously, they're primarily in a competition with Airsoft GI; Evike expanded into other areas from its one base, whereas GI has diversified geographically. Who knows, in the long term, that might be the smarter move.
  9. mimesis

    Arcturus Centaur B AEG, another AK not

    $287. Too good to be true?
  10. mimesis

    Most ready to Change M4 Platform?

    Like this?? https://www.krytac.com/trident-mk2-series/trident-mk2-bundle/trident-mk2-bundle-black
  11. mimesis

    Glock Picture Thread

    What tool did you use to create the impressions? The dimples look (a) too close together and ( too shallow.
  12. mimesis

    The Computer Question Thread

    Watch out for the toasters. It's the toasters that will get you.
  13. mimesis

    Gun Heaven Sig P210 CO2 GBB

    Now there's a WG. Is this the same as the Gun Heaven? https://shop.ehobbyasia.com/wg-wingun-neuhausen-p210-leagend-co2-pistol-6mm-black.html
  14. mimesis

    M14 Picture Thread

    Also: I found that I could install a bunch of RS parts/accessories that I sourced from Fulton Armory, starting with the plasticky cover that goes over the forearm.
  15. mimesis

    M14 Picture Thread

    The Veteran I got years ago was the most accurate AEG out of the box that I've ever had. And I've had a few AEGs over the years...

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