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ASG Styer M9A1 Non-Blow Back

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After months of working on various GBB G-Series pistols, I decided to start playing around with some Non-Blow Back pistols that I could quickly and easily turn into Sci-Fi style pistols (visually) and yet still remain usable.

I decided on the ASG Styer M9A1 as I've always liked the look and had heard some good things about it (sadly there is no hop and it uses a stick style magazine). I also chose the KWC Jericho 941 (thankfully it has a hop-up  and uses full sized CO2 magazine). Due to a price deal on Evike, I got 2 of the Styer pistols (all black and a "special" black and dark earth) with 4 spare mags as well as 1 KWC Jericho with 2 spare magazines.

The ASG pistols are very solidly made and you get a serious number of shots from a single CO2 bulb. Power was quite evident with both pistols and the metal magazines are easy to load and the follower locks back while you load your BB's and releases with a push of the button. Accuracy of the black pistol was quite good for a pistol without a hop-up. The "special" dark earth was totally another story as I only get 3 or 4 straight shots out of every magazine fill. I was using quality .20 and .23's in both pistols. Range was well past 75 feet. Trigger, while typical NBB style is actually quite smooth even if long and heavy. The pistol is also pretty loud.

The KWC Jericho was somewhat disappointing in its build as the plastic is totally toy like (very thin and it creaks) but the full sized magazines and hop-up were a pleasure. However, the pistol shot both the .20's and .23's with accuracy superior to the ASG Styer and range was about the same. The trigger is a harder on this but still smooth. Number of shots with a CO2 fill was greater than the ASG pistol. The manual safety on the slide is functional as it disconnects the trigger. The hammer does move, but its just cosmetic. Power appears be a little more than the ASG pistol and it also much quieter.

Work on the ASG Styer has started with the attachment of a spare WE threaded barrel adapter and a SIG 552 flash hider. I'm modifying a short piece of rail for the top of the slide to put an in-expensive red-dot sight. Looking into drilling some small holes into the slide and adding some small model lights as there is plenty of room inside the slide. Might try some Talon Grips.

Not sure what the plan with the Jericho will be yet. As before, I'm always open for suggestions.


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