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AEG ideas for myself, plausible?

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Ok. I want to build an AEG for myself, that is somewhat unique looking. I like the style of straight magazines that FAL rifles have, so I looked up straight magazine on google and I found the echo 1 straight hi-cap magazine for m4 AEGs. Do these fit in most guns?

The front rail system thingy I want is a lightweight madbull crux m-lok type that goes into 416/556 type guns. I'm thinking of fitting it into a Specna Arms SA-HO5 (416). They have different lengths with 9" design being the shortest. I have no idea how long the Specna front rail system is.

So the end result monstrosity would have a straight m4 mag, lightweight rail system for attachments and unique look, and a 416/type body and stock.

I want to end result to look like the gun on this page: 



Of course, I'm open to other ideas, but the straight mag/modified handguard thing would be fun to have though.

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