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  1. Another quick question, how hard is it to make a WE Thumb Safety fit on a Prime/TM Build? I have a Combat COmander but it has wrong safety and hammer? Just realised I have a WE I don't mind changinf safety on that has the correct one.
  2. Are those blank slides readily available? How about frames to match? Would leave to build either an al steel or Steel / Ally gun but haven't the funds to buy it all at once. Would cost more but maybe buy ing bit by bit could work for me.
  3. "The Single Action Army became available in standard barrel lengths of 43⁄4 inch, 51⁄2 inch, as well as the Cavalry standard, original 71⁄2 inch. The shorter barrelled revolvers are sometimes called the "Civilian" or "Gunfighter" model ( 43⁄4 inch) and the Artillery Model ( 51⁄2 inch)." Source Wiki( but I think its right. Well bugger me backwards, actually no don't just a turn of phrase. Never heard the 5/ 1/2 called that seems odd really, oh well. Wrong again!
  4. Dam man, the LS45 really does belong on an MP5K.
  5. How did the etch turn out, got any pics?
  6. Watchingthat video it seems they have delivered on what was promised, even if it is a bit more expensive. Then again the price hike is probably down to what has been / is happening around the world. Look forward to geting my hands on one of these andhope perhaps they will do a 1911 in future.
  7. That price point would be hard to meet on a small production run, let alone one offs. However I'm interested if you manage it. You should do Commander Length Slides too.
  8. Nearest option would be the Shoot & Scoot one but it's no longer availabe, be hard to find second hand too. http://www.shootandscoot.co.uk/shop/bren-mkii/ Next best option would be the upcoming Matric Czech ZB - 26, the gun the BREN was developed from. It has been out before so these may be out there second hand as well. Wether you us e it as it or convert it to a true replica depends on your customers pockets. https://www.evike.com/products/48033/ Hope this helps.
  9. To be fair I though it would be more than that, still not got the cash though. lol
  10. Why did they do this and not the AA12? Crazy.
  11. This gun was built when the DD Rails first came out and cost me quite a bit, yet it has never been fielded instead it has sat on my wall looking cool. THe body is made of pressed steel just like the original and the grip 9 polymer ) and cheek pad ( rubberised ) are high end quality mouldings. The wing mounted Mini Red Dot is a replica sat on top of a replica ACOG, I could however replace these with real items for an extra fee. The ACOG itself is a 4x replica as is the rare as hens teeth L shaped mount. It will also comes with a piccatiny rail which could be used to replace the L mount if yo
  12. Sold.
  13. Got those pics of the Chrome kit? IS it new or has it been previously fitted?
  14. Can't justify keeping this any longer. I have been using it on my ERG and was intending to buy a .22lr and use it on that as well but looks like that isn't gonna happen this year . So time to send it off to a new home. What can I say about this sight, it looks a worn as it a genuine battle used item but don't tlet that fool you, these things are built like tanks. When you firt turn it on and turn the know you will think its not working, it is. It just comes on very very dim so it can be used with nods without burning out. th etube and it turns up brighter than your gonna need even on
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