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  1. Highly unlikely they'll do the 16". not enough interest. Also not just a longer barrel, theres the matter of converting the mech to closed bolt. As for Police use of em, highly unlikely, pretty sure they where basically for US Civilian use.
  2. Hello and your welcome here. Be cRefull about talking about high power levels though, this is a UK based site.
  3. Any HK45's, Mk23, G3 or XM8's out there?
  4. Hmm, know if you printed an accurate pistol grip to slot in for display and the AAP01 for use. I could be tempted. Good job I'm skint. lol
  5. £160 final reduction or or I keep it.
  6. Knocking up a little custom based on an old WE Desert Warrior but need a few parts. What I need are: 1. The forward part of the plunger assembly, I have the rear pin and the spring, just need tiny forward pin that butts up to slide lever. 2. Right side safety catch, or left side only catch. 3. Springfield Armoury Grips. Cheers guys.
  7. Cool, but way to clean and antiseptic looking, iirc there should be visible welds around fed lips and right side. Also to flat, needs more shine. Not knocking it though, love it, just constructive criticism, I hope.
  8. £360 or above trades.
  9. Suppose you coul dbuy it and sel the uly *albartroth* pointless stock to some tastles M4 wannabee and put a proper one on. Then you'd have a cheap cheap MP5.
  10. Google is your friend, took me thirty seconds. https://airsoftranch.com/uk-airsoft-map/
  11. May take trades on HK’s or IPad / IPhone.
  12. May take trades on HK’s or IPad / IPhone.
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