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  1. Cheers mate. Shame, fancied some Brit trades, oh well W. Gernan beats US of A.
  2. Got an ACM P226 which im either gonna sell or perhaps apply Brit Issue correct trades. Does anyone have some good pics of all the appropriate markings for a Brit non railed 226?
  3. 1. Safariland marked for Springfield Operator with ITM6 LIght - Sold. Others still here open to offers.
  4. Still having this problem.
  6. Three holsters for sale. 1. Safariland marked for Springfield Operator with ITM6 LIght - will fit any 1911 with light such as ITN/Surefire/Streamlight etc. This is on a rigid plastic belt drop loop with one thigh strap, rides just below belt, perfect for draw and mobility. £60 2. Unknown make for Sig P226. This is a thigh mounted holster with two leg straps. Had this for about twenty years was bought in a surplus shop and believe to be ex Forces used in GW. £40 3. GK Leather holster on plastic belt mount for Beretta M92/M9. Bought this in an Italian Gunshop in 06 along with
  7. I have two genuine PTS Pmags that have been professionally dipped in Multicam, one has a ranger plate fitted with the dipp wearing off ( dipped it myself, or tried too ). £18 each plus p+p and fees. Pictures won't upload for some reason, can message or e mail them.
  8. I'm having issues uploading pics in sales threads. Getting this message: Sorry, an unknown server error occurred when uploading this file. (Error code: no decode delegate for this image format `PNG' @ error/constitute.c/ReadImage/581) OK
  9. Thinking of selling this rare Tanaka Smith & Wesson GBB. This is an early airsoft Tanaka which features Blow Back but has a closed ejection port. It comes in good condition box with all the paperwork and a small packet of blue bb's. The gun itself is in great condition and fully working, only ever fired it once with my last can of 134a. I would like a valuation for this please to decide if it is worth selling, need cash for my Harley, or if I should just keep it. I have seen these go for about $300 in the past in HK, but ideally i'm looking for a UK sale. PROBLEM UPLOADING IMA
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