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  1. BigAl

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Three gun inspired long gun, as rail was half inch longer than barrel threw a can on the end. May build a similar one on an ERG AR at a later date, this is just a boring old regular AEG ( ICS ).
  2. ICS-20 M4 Carbine featuring ICS Split Gearbox Design which makes the gun a breeze to work on or clean. This is a full Metal Proline gun not cheap polymer Sportline. Has had the gear box shimmed and greased and recently been re wired by DZ Tactical including the fitting of a basic mosfet in the stock tube. Because of the mosfet an excellent quality KWA Crane Stock ( or you can have the Emod shown in one of the pics ) has been fitted so plenty of space for batteries which are on T Connectors ( Deans ). There is also a tight bore barrel fitted, I’m not sure of the make but it is black if that helps. The forend is a genuine M Lok 15″ item. Attached to the end of this is a slimline suppressor. A Magpul enlarged trigger guard and ambidextrous receiver sling plate are also fitted. Gun will come in original box with two extra Hi Caps for a total of three. £185 plus postage and packaging to be paid by bank transfer. I have ticked yes for swaps ( always interested in HK Replicas or WA Handguns ) but at moment cash is really king. A valid defence will be needed and will be checked.
  3. BigAl

    Stubby Car15

    Stock tube could be cut down with a hacksaw its only thin. Doesn't even have to be tidy as its hidden under the stock, so hack away. lol. CUtting down a stock tidly is the bigger problem, but its do able.
  4. Wit all the guns you already own and you need to ask advice? Hmm is your name Walter perhaps?
  5. BigAl

    Custom Gear

    Well I reckon i'll be having one of those, an use same mas in my ar's and MP5's then. Make a modern version of my 635.
  6. BigAl

    Glock Picture Thread

    Love that slide, I it a stupidly expensive one?
  7. BigAl

    Loft clearout time!

    Unlikely I know but would love an HK VP70 or any interesting HK (XM8 perhaps ). Or maybe a WA Shorty Forty or WA 1911's.
  8. BigAl

    Loft clearout time!

    "a but load of pistols, some that I have never even unwrapped!" tease.
  9. You still looking mate? Might be persuaded to sell one of my Springfields.
  10. BigAl

    TM MP5 spare stock?

    My TM MP5K PDW j fell of the wall, smashed the stock. anyone got a spare going cheap?
  11. BigAl

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Was always illegal, thats a main part of the gun, if it can't fire without it you need it on licence. Pressure bearing bit caught other items, besides the lower receiver is pressure bearing to an extent.
  12. BigAl

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Love to see this sort of thing, shame it is highly illegal in the UK.
  13. BigAl

    Custom Gear

    Mag is different to the TM Uzi mag, I have a G&P Colt 635 infront of me with 7 Uzi mags. Also have a slot in plastic adaptor and mag, doesn't look like that one either. It looks like a polymer mage with two clip together slots like G36 mags?
  14. BigAl

    Custom Gear

    What is that cool gun Motti? Is it a firearm?
  15. BigAl

    Custom Gear

    Love a couple of those, can just imagine the faces when I pull em out in Tesco's. lol

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