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    Ran ou of room here's more:KWA G17, KWA G19, G&G SOC16, WA Shorty .40 Black, 2x WA beretta Elite, TM DE HK, TM DE Chrome HK wood grips, TM DE 10" Boihazaed 2, Zeke FM TM 10" HK
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  1. BigAl

    WE New SMG ?

    Wow Unique mags so why style em like Glock ones and tuin looks of gun. Possibly managed to steal a fail here right out of the jaws of a potential huge success.
  2. Crass attempt to cash in on someone elses unique and well selling gun, ah that'll be WE then ( if not airsoft in general ). Just buy the AAP one it'll be fat better.
  3. BigAl

    WE New SMG ?

    Ah the ugly one yes, it was the 635 that the DOA used hence my late night alcohol addled confusion. lol
  4. BigAl

    WE New SMG ?

    DOE Carbine, its called a Colt Model 635.
  5. Just sold a HurricanE 1911 with one of those disappointing VFC V1911 Lights on. Just like there AEG's great externals and performance. You should do upgrade kits, would me off though as I no longer have one. If your a genius with lights I have a Rico M900 thats a bit iffy a Surefire M500 I can't get lamps for, would love an LED Conversion.
  6. Pydracor - Wow. What make are those wood grips on the TM/Guarder 226? Got a link?
  7. That forend really inproves the look of the Tavor, kind of fancy one now. Thanks!
  8. If you've removed the bolt it should just pull forward of the barrel nut.
  9. How much you after for MP7?
  10. Welcome and get those pics of your guns up mate, love to see em.
  11. Not really surprised that We couldn't be arsed to improve the design, hell took them fifteen years to make a few cosmetic changes. lol
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