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  1. Ok. I want to build an AEG for myself, that is somewhat unique looking. I like the style of straight magazines that FAL rifles have, so I looked up straight magazine on google and I found the echo 1 straight hi-cap magazine for m4 AEGs. Do these fit in most guns? The front rail system thingy I want is a lightweight madbull crux m-lok type that goes into 416/556 type guns. I'm thinking of fitting it into a Specna Arms SA-HO5 (416). They have different lengths with 9" design being the shortest. I have no idea how long the Specna front rail system is. So the end result monstrosity would have a straight m4 mag, lightweight rail system for attachments and unique look, and a 416/type body and stock. I want to end result to look like the gun on this page: http://madbull.com/catalog/en/products/nbsp/knight-s-armament-mfg/strike-industries-9-crux-m-lok-rail-for-416-style-airsoft-rifle.html Of course, I'm open to other ideas, but the straight mag/modified handguard thing would be fun to have though.
  2. perunanuija

    The HK 416 GBBR by VFC

    I suppose you're right
  3. perunanuija

    The HK 416 GBBR by VFC

    So I'm considering buying this gun and learning its internals and how to maintain it. If anyone owns this gun, I'd like to hear about what to do with it once it arrives. Parts upgrades, known problems, anything that has to do with the gun working properly. I know VFC has quality externals as I've seen in videos and pictures, but I read on this forum that the internals might have problems.
  4. perunanuija

    What to do with a VFC HK 416?

    *Posted question in proper thread*

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