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Wiring setup for a LCT RPK (Gate Nanoasr)


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So, I am attempting yet again to rewire my accursed LCT RPK with a new motor, wiring, and a Gate NanoASR, but have come across a dilemma of where to place the mosfet.  I had the previous mosfet on top of the gearbox, but as it was a one signal wire setup I ended up having too many wires (motor wires and mosfet's additional wire) trying to fit in the tiny little slot on the left side of the receiver to go back down towards the lower trunnion tang port and into the stock.  I figure with the two signal wire setup for the NanoASR, I could keep it on top, and craft an extension piece of two wires from the battery input end of the mosfet back down the rear slot and out into the stock.  This way I could disconnect the mosfet from the extension when need be and potentially make it easier for eventual maintenance compared to the other option. 

The other option of course is to run the signal wires along the usual gearbox plate tabs and down the slot and out, with the motor wires running straight out from the motor through the tang port, and have the mosfet inside the stock.  I would have to disconnect the signal wire insert at the very least from the mosfet unit and try to pull it carefully back out the stock tang whenever I wanted to take the gearbox out.  Positive would be the motor wires would not be stuck going up the left side in the very tight space between the receiver and gearbox, and would just have to take the motor contact tabs off.  Negative is the length of the very fragile signal wire in this scenario

The image below is what I am at for the first option at this time, with the red and black scrap wire demonstrating where the extension wires would be running.  Signal wires are attached and I just have the excess bundled up for now since I didn't want to cut any of it off just yet (and if I go with the first option I might just keep it bundled in a secure way despite it making the signal length just as long as the second option).  "Blue tape is just to hold motor wiring in place along the grip at this time, please ignore."

Any advice on which option I should go for would be appreciated.  This is my weekend project and if it succeeds I might be inspired enough to try and work on my ancient Real Sword SVD next.


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Sorry for the double post, but figured I might as well end this topic now.  Ended up going for the mosfet inside the stock route, and whilst it may make battery placement a bit of a mess, it is far more smoother connection wise and there is so little wiring inside the receiver itself now.  Works fine and my rpk feels alive again (though the gearbox will probably kaputt itself somehow first game I take it out to.  Got a replacement screw for that front RSB screwhole that I had to have a buddy remove the original stripped screw from and it all feels secure and tight now.  I think I am going to stick to these Gate Nanoasr mosfets now for future projects (got an ak74m gearbox that is still mosfetless and that SVD needs help badly).

Overall a good day now.

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