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New SR25 (A&K style) PMAG's from Battleaxe.


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I'm not sure if anybody is still looking for PMAG's for SR25?


I just found these today.




Really cheap and look solid, battleaxe also do them as 500 round hicaps or 300 round flash mags, I've ordered 2 black ones from a UK supplier to compare them with my old PTS LR20 PMAG's.



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Battleaxe mags arrived, very quick shipping, £7.99 each from Patrol Base (+ shipping) they are Gen3 style and so longer than my old PTS LR20s (gen 1/2?)

Build quality is pretty good, not as solid as the originals but they were £30 each a decade ago so...

Baseplate is held on with a 2mm hex screw, (I would guess they designed the hicap first) and thinner than normal so not compatible with gen3 308 ranger plates (unfortunate as I still have some I bought for the PTS mags, which they don't fit either grrrrr)

Haven't shot them yet but I've filled and emptied them a few times with 0.25/0.3/0.36/0.4g and they look promising.

120 round capacity seems accurate but a little disappointing as the old ones held 140 and were smaller.

Testing with my A&K SR25 magwell they fit and lock in with a tiny bit of wobble, solid but they drop free nicely.


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