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  1. To be honest I hadn't given it much thought, the few bits I buy tend to come from HK or Taiwan these days rather than Europe as the shipping was always cheaper. Jim.
  2. My Striker project https://junglesairsoftblog.wordpress.com/2018/11/04/ares-amoeba-striker-as02-review-and-project-start/
  3. My striker is running around 450fps on 0.2, it seems to really like Longbow 0.36g and 0.4g https://www.longbowbb.co.uk/product-page/longbow-0-36g-x-1000 I would suggest that 0.3g is a bit light, the hop on my Striker AS02 will easily lift 0.4g. Range and accuracy are good and the heavier ammo is more resistant to wind deflection. Jim.
  4. I've dug out my old KSC and KWA Glocks but I need some parts to get them going again. I could with blowback units and nozzles, hop units and barrels, all sorts of stuff. Anybody got a load of KSC Glock bits in their spares box? Thank you, Jim
  5. I've had quite a few pistols over the years but my favourite TM has to be my G17 from what 9 years ago?, always works, never let me down, good range and gas efficiency, lobs a 0.3g Longbow a heck of a long way, it's always been run on propane from day 1. The only thing I've upgraded on it was a Guarder aluminium slide when they were going cheap, that was probably 2 years after I bought it (so roughly 7 years ago now) the plastic slide was fine but the aluminium slide was a little nicer to look at. It's been cleaned and greased regularly so shows very little internal wear, it's a very simple
  6. Good news! All we need is Finmere to reopen and we can see it in action!
  7. gisburn20


    Please excuse the necro but I'm not sure if anybody is still looking for PMAG's for SR25? I just found these today. https://www.taiwangun.com/en/aeg-mid-cap/120-round-sr25-ar10-rifle-magazine-dark-earth-battleaxe Really cheap and look solid, battleaxe also do them as 500 round hicaps or 300 round flash mags, I've ordered 2 black ones from a UK supplier to compare them with my old PTS LR20 PMAG's. Jim.
  8. Mine? They are Howard Leight impact sports mounted on £10 eBay mounts, kept the original plastic arms on the earpro and slid them onto the wires on the mounts no mods needed. Sent from my POT-LX1 using Tapatalk
  9. A bit of progress, I only swapped from a chest rig to a plate carrier last year to make use of specific armour rules at a couple of milsims. Sent from my POT-LX1 using Tapatalk
  10. Unfortunately they also say that to use TM Mags you have to replace the gas router with a WE style one. I only have TM mags for my TM G17 so changing routers back and forth is going to be a pain when I swap between guns.
  11. I have now changed my preferences to "one email per day" after having my inbox explode... But seriously, I'm interested in some of this stuff, would the pistol sized moscart launcher work with Tag rounds? or is the barrel too short? Jim.
  12. I got a 3d printer from Aldi about a week ago, been printing airsoft parts ever since, MK1 "assassin" railed and plain adapters came out ok. I've got a receiver/barrel set waiting to print! All downloaded from Thingiverse but hopefully designing my own stuff once I get the hang of Tinkercad. I posted the AA MK IV to the MK1 Facebook group I run, lots of very excited people. AA also confirmed that it will take vsr hop rubbers. Jim
  13. Emerson JPC and belt kit set up for Gunman Airsoft Descent Milsim in October. Although I'm already thinking of swapping some stuff around.
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