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  1. gisburn20

    Loft clearout time!

    I have now changed my preferences to "one email per day" after having my inbox explode... But seriously, I'm interested in some of this stuff, would the pistol sized moscart launcher work with Tag rounds? or is the barrel too short? Jim.
  2. gisburn20

    Action Army Ruger MK IV GBB pistol

    I got a 3d printer from Aldi about a week ago, been printing airsoft parts ever since, MK1 "assassin" railed and plain adapters came out ok. I've got a receiver/barrel set waiting to print! All downloaded from Thingiverse but hopefully designing my own stuff once I get the hang of Tinkercad. I posted the AA MK IV to the MK1 Facebook group I run, lots of very excited people. AA also confirmed that it will take vsr hop rubbers. Jim
  3. gisburn20

    What's your backup?

    The one on the left has the stock kjw grips, the one on the right has real Hogue mk1 grips, only took a couple of minutes to modify to fit the Airsoft version.
  4. gisburn20

    Pics of your Gear

    Emerson JPC and belt kit set up for Gunman Airsoft Descent Milsim in October. Although I'm already thinking of swapping some stuff around.
  5. gisburn20

    Custom Gear

    DIY "Tubes" mod on my JPC cummerbund.
  6. gisburn20

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Emerson JPC with BFG and Osprey pouches. DIY "Tubes" modded cummerbund (TMC brand hardware)
  7. gisburn20

    Custom Gear

    Homemade neoprene lined silencer "heat shield", just because I was bored.
  8. gisburn20

    Custom Gear

    Homemade sling in Urban grey to match my Ares Striker AS02.
  9. gisburn20

    Select fire conversion for M249

    You would need to completely replace the gearbox, as in rebuild the gun take a V2 or V7 gearbox. Or buy a support gun based around a V2 gearbox like a Shrike or something. The stock M249 gearbox is very basic inside, no cut off lever or trigger trolley, just a microswitch turning the motor on and off. Jim.
  10. gisburn20

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    It was there but disappeared a couple of years ago and was replaced by an Alvis Stalwart and some sort of jet fighter just parked next to the paintball site. I started the thread asking about the Stargate many years ago and now drive past that area a few times a week. Jim.
  11. gisburn20

    Helmet Pictures Thread - part II

    Work in progress CQB mods.
  12. gisburn20

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    A&K SR25 with full length silencer.
  13. gisburn20

    £7.62 Gear Clearout

    Anything left? Jim.
  14. gisburn20

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    The 45 deg offset iron sights? They are zeroed for 20m which is the med for that rifle, because they are used at 45 deg the height above bore isn't as critical as the offset to the right which is the same for both. They seem to work well enough for Airsoft anyway. Jim.

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