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Alternative to M4 trigger switch? (internal mosfet?)

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Been out of the game for some years now, when I last played, MOSFETs were just becoming a thing.

Well, I have a gun I want to fit a MOSFET or similar alternative to the flawed M4 trigger contacts to.  I intend to use it as a pistol, and M4 systems just lock up too much to be reliable.

The problem is, the gun is VERY small, so there is no space to fit an external MOSFET.  Whatever I use has to fit inside the box (you'll see why).

What might be the alternatives available to me, please?  I have seen the JEFFTRON units, I wondered if they were any good?

The gun will be running a 4 port cylinder, and a 7.2v 6-cell NiMH battery in the mock ANPEQ, if that is important.

The gun:


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